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Today there is a new kinky update for you with my sweet girlfriend Dutch Dame. She doesn't look that innocent in her white latex dress since it is a little too short, right? A strict corset and whip will punish the little seductress.
Photos by Mew-Chiel
Latex Fashion by HW- Design

Born this way

36 images Femdom
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Yess- that´s soooo me! Ladylike, seductive, dominant und just outstanding!Outfit: Innersanctum
Photographer: Berserker

Jingle Bells

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Christmas is a time of carrot and stick for me. Sweet seduction and merciless punishment. When it is really cold outside and the snow glistens there is nothing better than to lock yourself in with lots of champagne in the fridge and enjoy kinky games until spring comes.
Photographer: Berserker

Dark Goddess

76 images Latex
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One of my favorite clubs in Berlin where I can live out my dark fantasies is the Equipage Club. A decadent, medieval atmosphere, with cages, racks and all kinds of torture devices. Here I can live out my dark goddess. Star stylist Marcus Köhler designed a fantastic hairstyle worthy of a Fetish Countess. The whole outfit in latex was designed by none other than HW Design. What a dark erotic dream. It is here that I wish to rule over my slaves and be pampered by my maids.
Dress by HW Design
Photographer: Berserker


43 images Latex
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Shiny latex emphasizes my dominance and accentuates every curve of my body. Submit to this concentrated load of erotica and give in to it. Share my fantasies and follow me. This is my game - I win!
Outfit by Absolute Danny
Photographer: Christophe Mourthe