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Noble lingerie, seamed nylons and high heels are the fabric of which not only men's dreams are made. I love to wear beautiful lingerie - every single day! Life is too short to wear boring cotton lingerie. Every woman should treat herself to this little luxury - simply to feel beautiful.

Photos by Berserker

Lingerie: Von Follies / Dita von Teese

Nylons: Ars Vivendi

Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 0
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 1
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 2
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 3
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 4
My sweet Valentina invited me to a game of poker and offered her slave as a prize. How tempting! However, I soon realized that she wanted to keep him for herself. I quickly saw through her little tricks and questioned her ... but who could be angry with this charming lady for long?
Outfit: Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 0
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 1
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 2
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 3
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 4
What could be more feminine than a touch of nylon, that tenderly spans a pair of legs and buttocks? Enjoy!
Photographer: Berserker

Booty Call

43 images Erotic Nude
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Follow me into my my boudoir of lust. I will seduce you with all the weapons of a woman. Sensual transparency, ultra high heels and red lips that promise everything - when all covers fall you belong to me alone.
Photographer: Thomas Bommi Burggraf

Open Sky

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Open Sky 4
Free like a cat, high above the rooftops of Berlin - I enjoy the last rays of the year - which did not go unnoticed by the neighbors. No wonder, such a view from the window is probably rare.
Pasties: Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 0
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 1
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 2
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 3
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 4
For all nylon lovers this is a special update that focuses on this very wonderful, feminine accessories. I love the feel of real nylon stockings on my legs. The rustling, when I move them, the very delicate caress on the skin. The way they accentuate my legs. How they seem at the same time elegant, sexy and dominant. Not many people can resist this magic.
Nylons by Ars Vivendi
Photographer: Berserker

Sweet like Candy

41 images Fetish
Sweet like Candy 0
Sweet like Candy 1
Sweet like Candy 2
Sweet like Candy 3
Sweet like Candy 4
Graceful and charming as a ballerina, I present myself in this gallery-wrapped in a dream of baby-pink satin and black chiffon - in a candy-colored world.
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Wild at Heart
Dangerous Ladies 2 0
Dangerous Ladies 2 1
Dangerous Ladies 2 2
Dangerous Ladies 2 3
Dangerous Ladies 2 4
How does an admirer of beautiful, dominant ladies in nylons feel like when he is confronted with a double pack? It is breathtaking! - in the truest sense of the word, as you can see ...
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine
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Nylon Lovers 4
It was a long time ago when I last visited my girlfriend Joanne Lafontaine. We share our obsession for nylons and pantyhose of all sorts. She has a huge collection and whenever we meet we celebrate a small fashion show and try on the latest ones.
We help each other, of course other into the delicate stockings, check whether they are properly in place and can not keep from stroking our stockinged legs. Add to that a matching pair of elegant high heels. A perfect girlfriend-day!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

Vintage Bath

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Vintage Bath 4
This gallery is a personal dream of mine. I always wanted wanted to do a shooting with a freestanding bathtub. I love those tubs that stand in the middle of the room, where you can slide into the warm water and feel like a queen. Unfortunately these bathrooms are hard to find so that I had to search for one for quite some time. I even had a call for proposals going for this.
Fittingly a location turned up in a castle and to blend into the ambiance I put on a sexy vintage outfit with black nylons. Additionally I love the tickling sensation of wet stockings on my skin.