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Glossy transparent latex, ultra-high heels and a strict uniform look ... this is the stuff a fetishists dream is made up of. And this photo set has all of this and more! The stylishly yet extravagant "Hairjäger" Hair Extension Salon in Berlin offered the perfect setting for this shoot. Thanks to the guys for this opportunity and a lot of kinky fun with the new photos to all of you!

Photos by Berserker, Outfit by Bondinage

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Finally Christmas! Now quickly decorating the cute Xmas tree ... Admittedly, mine looks a little different than those of other people - I just like it shiny and kinky! First, the tree has to be positioned and secured, and the next step is decoration - sigh, I love that! Isn't it wonderful when the Christmas tree lighting is switched on and the tree shines in all its glory?
Photographer: Berserker
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If two such hot latex girls meet, they don't stop at caressing. We experimented with Valentina's new Rebreather, connected an attachable dildo and enjoyed bizarre breath control games to the fullest. Valentina penetrated her shiny latex pussy while I pampered her nipples and catapulted her into the 7th fetish heaven. I bet this won't leave you cold!
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
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Transparent Latex is definitely one of my favorites - I love to wrap myself in it from head to toe and in several layers! My sweet girlfriend Valentina could not resist these kinky temptations and also slipped into a bizarre transparent latex outfit. The outfit was rounded off with high heels and a tightly laced corsets. What a wonderful feeling and this sight ... it is impossible to leave our fingers off each other!
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker