Sheer Beauty

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Surprised? Transparent latex can also look like this! I immediately fell in love with this charming dress and the completely new feel. The fine latex caressed my skin like a wisp of nothing- a dream for genuine latex lovers! Enjoy.
Photos by Berserker
Latex Fashion by AmStatic
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Hopeless - I can never get enough of transparent latex and most of all I enjoy it even more in company. My Sweet Valentina is at least as forfeited to the erotic stimuli of kinky latex as I am and we love to caress each other and to shine up our latex bodies with silicone oil. Dressed from head to toe in heavy rubber we give ourselves completely in to our bizarre play ... and you are allowed to watch.
Photos by Berserker
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Welcome to the bizarre laboratory of Master A, a fellow Dominus from Brlin. The ultra kinky equipped clinic area is a real inspiration for a lover of bizarre games, like me ... Doctor games Deluxe!
Photographer: Berserker
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Video : Transparent Rubber 1 1
Video : Transparent Rubber 1 2

My sweet girlfriend Valentina and I are having too much fun in the clinic on a hot summer's night. We are all encased in thick transparent latex, wearing masks, goggles and transparent boots. This incredible feeling of beeing all encased in rubber just makes us so hot that we can't keep our hands from each other. We are stroking our shiny lubed up bodies, feeling the sensation of the stretchy material.  Good thing there are some filled enemal bags nearby. We just use them to shower each other with liquid cooling our hot bodies down and making the glisten even more.

Sinful Transparency

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Rummaging through my hard drive these sexy snapshots have fallen into my hands of ... and they are far too good to deny them from you. The photos were taken spontaneously at a fitting for the HW Design Fashion Show @ German Fetish Ball 2012. Wow, is this dress not a dream in latex? I am always surprised and amazed by the spectacular designs from the house of HW Design that make every fetishist's heart beat faster.
Outfit : HW Design
Photographer: Berserker
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Ohlala, I am dropping my layers of latex. Piece by piece I am removing of several layers of latex to my wafer-thin transparent catsuit, which shows more than it veiles and dive off into a sensual bathing experience.
Photographer: Berserker
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Close your eyes and imagine your personal goddess in latex! How would she look like? Feminine curves, perfectly packaged in shiny latex from head to toe. Corseted waist and stunning high heels. Sexy eyes and glossy shiny lips complete the look. Now you are just the right mood to fully enjoy this gallery.
Photographer: Berserker

Delicious Candy

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The sky over Berlin and a sweet pink dress from the French label HMS. When we did this shoot at a Berlin penthouse apartment, I could hardly take my eyes from that fantastic view. I was able to look across the whole city and enjoy the sun and the wind on cool latex. Now in the middle of winter, I feel a strong longing for spring, sexy , breezy outfits and breezy and dancing throughout the night. But the next summer will come for sure ...
Dress by HMS Latex
Photographer: Wild at Heart

Lazy Rubber Maid 2

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This cheeky maid - instead of accepting her mistake, she was even getting feisty and sprayed me with water! That was more than enough, and literally cried out to be taught a lesson. I quickly grabbed Kumi by the neck and with loud protests she landed in the bathtub. I grabbed the shower head and then splashed away, even in her face! She struggled and gasped for air. This surprise attack was successful! I left the sulking Kumi with lots of latex clothes for washing and with the certainty that she would now do her job perfectly.
Featuring Kumi
Photographer: Berserker