It's a Man's World

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Today, there are two new galleries for you photographed by Pantera, a real high heels fetishist. She is certainly not a glamour photographer but she loves beautiful women in high heels. She especially likes to photograph sexy ladies in high heels in everyday situations. I liked this idea and so I had to visit Pantera in Bochum to talk shop about high heels and of course to make photos! As a location for the shooting we chose a small car repair shop ... a real men's play area, providing a great contrast to myself. My appearance coupled with the sexy outfit and the breathtaking 6 inch heels caused quite some excitement and curiosity amongst the car mechanics as you can imagine. Pantera and I have enjoyed this very much and were quite amused!
Photos by Pantera
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It was a long time ago when I last visited my girlfriend Joanne Lafontaine. We share our obsession for nylons and pantyhose of all sorts. She has a huge collection and whenever we meet we celebrate a small fashion show and try on the latest ones.
We help each other, of course other into the delicate stockings, check whether they are properly in place and can not keep from stroking our stockinged legs. Add to that a matching pair of elegant high heels. A perfect girlfriend-day!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine


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Rock and Roll as Ozzy Osbourne said so nicely. Here I am rocking scarcely clad and full of girl power with an electric guitar in a toilet. Is has to be really loud und in such a small room the acoustics are simply the best.
The sound of Sinteque will bring you to your knees ...
Photographer: Berserker

Erotic Art Museum 1

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As I was visiting Hamburg recently I just had to, who would have guessed it, rush to St. Pauli the famous red-light district. A dream for fetish-shopping. Shops with thousands of high-heels aligned with shops that have extravangant latex couture. And all this in the "Reeperbahn"-ambience. Fantastic. After trying on the hundreth high-heel with an even more breathtaking heel and full shopping bags the Erotic Art Museum was next on my schedule.
An enticing vintage interoir with lots of kinky artworks. I had exactly the fitting outfit for this occasion and enjoyed discovering every corner of the museum ...

Babes with Guns

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Klaus Fuchs has the perfect mansion. Very retro and very stylish. And it is full of toys. The perfect thing to spend an afternoon lounging in nylons and playing ...

Photographer: Klaus Fuchs