Wild Catz

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Two wild kitten in free nature - isn't that a spectacular sight? And you are very close to it!
Photographer: Berserker

Latex LOVE

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Nothing covers my body as seductive as a catsuit - preferably made of latex. This chic piece popped into my eye during my last visit to the studio of Fantastic Rubber. I love the combination of white and black transparent latex and the cut is very sexy! Of course I could not refuse Peter's request to photograph a few of his new skirts and shorts for him. I added the resulting product photos for you as a little extra to the gallery .
Outfits: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Galactic Glimpse

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Miss Sinteque goes to Outer Space and of course in style! This sexy transparent touch of nothing that I'm wearing is from the workshop of the talented young Spanish designer Boyd Baten. Produced under his label DIVAMP he crafts ultra feminine, futuristic creations and I was able to wear one of them for this shoot!
Outfit: DIVAMP Couture
Photographer: Berserker

X X X LateX

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Boombastic Rubber by Asmodena is a very young Latex label, which features fresh designs and gorgeous cuts beyond the mainstream. The models are sexy and figure hugging and set curvy ladies perfectly into scene. The outfits are very wearable and unique. When Asmodena asked me if she could send me something to shoot, of course I could not decline, and here you see the results of our first and certainly not the last collaboration! At this year's German Fetish Ball you will have a chance to see a catwalk show of Boombastic Rubber ... and I will be walking as well!
Outfit: Boombastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Purple Wonder Hoax

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Transparent latex is pure seduction-even more in bright colors. The material clings to my body tightly and lets some skin peak through - a real dream for fetish lovers!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Wet Games, Part I

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Completely covered in shiny latex I enjoy the afternoon. A few days ago, my new latex boots arrived and today my new HW Design mask was in the mail. Fantastic! Of course I had to immediately try on everything ...
Outfit: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker

Stripes vs. Curves

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Ohlala ... blue as the sea and white as innocence. This mix is anything but well-behaved, at least when the talented designer behind the British latex label Anatomic Bomb lets her imaginations run free and creates charming designs, feminine fashion, combined with 50s style and fetish. What a mixture!
Outfit: Anatomic Bomb
Photographer: Berserker
Alluring as chocolate! 0
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Alluring as chocolate! 4
As dipped into liquid chocolate my latex clad body shines - who could resist this delicious temptation?
Outfit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Sunset in Paradise

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This wonderful latex dress shows once more that latex clothing does not always have to black and red only. The evening sin reflects in bright summer colors like reds and bronze at the end of a lazy day at the beach. The beach clubs open their doors, hot rhythms and cold cocktails get the party into the right mood. This will be a hot night ...
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Redplosion, part 2

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As a true fetishist I just can't get enough of the material my dreams are made of! So I take it up another notch in the second part of the Redplosion series! To the red latex catsuit and corset I am now adding gloves, gauntlets and mask - all in shiny red. Finally, I switch the high heels against the elegant ballet kinky boots. The perfect rubber doll is finished!
Catsuit & Corset by Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker