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Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 4
I am usually less forgiving, but I have already passed off Valentina's little playing cards trickery. Who needs these silly games anyway when we can have such fun together!?
Outfit: Feisty
Photographer: Berserker

Come to me!

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Come closer to me, even closer ... and share this intimate moment with me.
Photographer: Jörg Böh

Vintage Glamour

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Style is evident in the details with which we surround ourselves. Is it not? I agree entirely with the esteemed Oscar Wilde: "I have very simple tastes: I am always satisfied with the best." In this small but fine series you'll find the creme de la creme combined: beautifully restored vintage cars, fine corsets from TO.mTO, accessories by Feisty Cat, nylons from Ars Vivendi and the whole effect is staged by me and one of my favorite photographers Joerg Boeh.
Corset by TO.mTO
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Glacé, Corset by TO.mTO 1
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Classical elegance, feminine curves, high heels and fishnet stockings, which already made men loose their minds in the 50s. I think today they still do the same and therefore in my opinion a collection of corsets, high heels and a selection of beautiful line and fishnet stockings belong in the closet of every woman. Unfortunately, so much of style has become seldom today, or is perhaps out of fashion? So what, for me this style is an All Time Favorite!
Photographer: Jörg Böh
Corset: To.mTO Berlin

After Midnight

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A tightly bound corset is pure female seduction, even more so if it is combined in style with real nylon stockings, matching accessories and high heels! I think it is the best way to show your feminine side. There should be more women who dare to show put their curves so stylish and confident into the limelight. By the way, this really charming corset comes from Germany's most magnificent corset factory TO.mTO ... if you are playing with the idea of buying a real corsets there is no way past this place!
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Jörg Böh
Pied Vintage Clothing 0
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Today we have got concentrated erotica for you packaged in pastel-colored vintage lingerie and stockings in soft candy colors! Joanne manages to seduces me with her sexy curves over an over again - very yummy. The friction of nylon on the skin and the delicate touch of fine satin gloves bring me almost to the edge of sanity - what an exhilarating feeling!
Feat. Joanne Lafontaine
Dangerous Ladies 1 0
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Dangerous Ladies 1 2
Dangerous Ladies 1 3
Dangerous Ladies 1 4
I have visited my dear friend Joanne Lafontaine again and we had some exquisite fun! Not entirely coincidentally "Loewe" showed up and that was very much to our liking. Two dominant nylon ladies of course need a willing victim and "Loewe" was more than ready to submit and to worship our high heels. Actually we were not so merciful and made him feel our full weight-focused on the tiny points of our heels. This dominance in a double pack got him groaning and sweating quite a bit while we had our fun. As a reward he was allowed to inhale the fine scent of Lady Joanne.
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine


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These pictures are from am shoot with Tom Cooper. He is a very professional photographer with a distinct style. His way of using lighting and backdrops to put the model into scene is his trademark.
Photos by Tom Cooper

Check Mate

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Chess is one of my favorite games. To shroud the own intentions in an erotic mystery. Strategy - to distract the enemy with my looks and then strike mercylessly ...
Photos by Jörg Böh

corset beauty II

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Here I put my blue corset on display in a classical attire. A little of a fairy tale or strict with a whip. There is propably no other piece of clothing that complements the female body more than the corset. It has to be pulled really tight. At first it was not easy to breathe in these strict ties but in the meantime I can wear them for hours and I love the feeling.
Photos by Jürgen Wegner