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Downtown in 6 Inch Heels 4
When I am off explore to the city, I only do this in the right attire: In my strict and stylishly shiny secretary dress, thin black nylon stockings with a garter belt and of course, appropriate high heels with 6 inches heels.
Photos by Pantera

Pink Desire 1

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Pink Desire 1 4
Pink, pink, pink !!!
Photographer: Berserker


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A secretary job can be really boring from time to time. Good thing that you can use the breaks for some spontaneous telephone sex ... ;)
Shooting for Kinkats
Photographer: Berserker


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Tank-Girl 4
Hey, did I mention that I am a menace to society? That I like inflammable liquids and guns? No?
Well, see for yourself ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta

Polka Dots

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I am aquainted with two young and crazy female clothing designers that work under the name of "Tolllkirsche". When they asked me to put some of their creations into scene I could not refuse of course.I like the American Pettycoat / Gothic Lolita Style. Especially as they use uncommon materials such as pvc.
Photographer: Berserker

Fit for Fetish 2

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Here is the second part of the fetish-workout with ID. Obvious that I stuck her under the shower first. As she was hanging there so nicely I just couldn't resist working her trained bottom with my whip. At first she was a bit reluctant but then I think she saw the necessity too. Then some more sauna and tanning-studio and Sinteque's power-workout was complete. No more motivation problems here ... ;)
Featuring Slave Girl ID
Photos by Berserker
decadent girls part II 0
decadent girls part II 1
decadent girls part II 2
decadent girls part II 3
decadent girls part II 4
It's getting hot now! What happens when two sexy luxury-girls meet? You will see!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine


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Sinteque 0
Sinteque 1
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Sinteque 4
As you may have noticed I am quite creative with my hair styles. I love to style up my hair according to my mood and outfit. Unfortunately it is hard to find good hairpieces and I am happy that I have discovered Headrazor. Since they also reside in Berlin I took the chance to photograph their new collection.
Shooting for HEADRAZOR
Photographer: Berserker

fetish factory

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fetish factory 1
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fetish factory 3
fetish factory 4
Industrial and glamour? factory and fetish? In my eyes the desolate allure of the old factory combines with the decadence of the fetish-diva.
photographer: Holger Wendt


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Fetish-Secretary 4
Boredom at the office? Then close you eyes! What do you see?
The sexy secretary in a tight shiny fetish suit - with breathtaking heels and gossamer nylons. The room is filled entirely by her feminine and dominant aura. Look out! She will will take what she want's when she want's it.

photographer: Berserker