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Nika from the fantastic latex label LaCucaracha has provided me with a charming vintage latex top for my pleasure. I was so inspired by the cut and colors that I let myself get carried away with some light experiments. Yes! With this kind of styling summer can come.
Outfit :Lacucaracha
Photographer: Berserker
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It is not new that designers like to be inspired by the Underground. Especially the fetish scene offers a variety of stimuli, which can be seen in modified form again and again on the catwalks of this world. Ranging from latex stockings on extreme high heels to leather armor or masks all sorts of fetish & BDSM imagery can be found. But nobody understands so well to close the gap between Gothic, Fetish and Haute Couture than the rising design duo Degenerotika. I got to know them both at a catwalk show and spontaneous fell in love with the extraordinary creations. In todays update I present to you some of the outfits, stylish put into scene by Uwe Johannsen.
Fashion by Degenerotika
Photographer: Uwe Johannsen


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The world-famous photographer Sylvie Blum who is former model and muse to Guenther Blum has a unique style of photography. Her portraits and nudes are famous. She is always tingling back and fourth between her shooting-locations in Berlin, Viennna, Miami and Paris.
It was a nice experience to shoot with her. I could let myself go with her and she understood how to bring out my personality while still giving the pictures her characteristic signature.
Fashion by Tolllkirsche, TG Cloting & Savage Wear