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Noble lingerie, seamed nylons and high heels are the fabric of which not only men's dreams are made. I love to wear beautiful lingerie - every single day! Life is too short to wear boring cotton lingerie. Every woman should treat herself to this little luxury - simply to feel beautiful.

Photos by Berserker

Lingerie: Von Follies / Dita von Teese

Nylons: Ars Vivendi

Booty Call

43 images Erotic Nude
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Follow me into my my boudoir of lust. I will seduce you with all the weapons of a woman. Sensual transparency, ultra high heels and red lips that promise everything - when all covers fall you belong to me alone.
Photographer: Thomas Bommi Burggraf

Latex Burlesque

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I love latex, corsets and stockings, as well as 50's style and burlesque outfits. So why not bring it all together? For my new show I had a burlesque outfit custom tailored in latex. Heidi of Savage Wear Latex made ??this dream come true. SHOWTIME!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Open Sky

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Free like a cat, high above the rooftops of Berlin - I enjoy the last rays of the year - which did not go unnoticed by the neighbors. No wonder, such a view from the window is probably rare.
Pasties: Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker


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Sinful red shiny latex, seductively draped ribbons, that reveal more than hide and lips of the same color, the perfect seduction! Who could resist this temptation?
Outfit by Anatomic Bomb
Photographer: Berserker

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Today will I disperse the winter mood with hot pink shots of a very special kind - a sweet dream, like pink cotton candy. This is for a spontaneous good mood! The playful feminine latex lingerie by the way is one of the latest designs by Savage Wear and I was able to wear it first. Life can be so beautiful PINK!
Latex Lingerie by Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Perfect PinUp

22 images Fetish
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It's Christmas! And as a gift I have some very special goodies for you Sinteque as a charming pin-up girl! These wonderful little works of art, each of them tells its own story created during a visit to my dear friend Tessa aka Miss Giggles. I am always amazed at how much eroticism can be conveyed in such an comparatively chaste photo. Pure head cinema!
Nylons sponsored by Ars Vivendi
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Bling Bling ... why do I like these pumps? I guess no further comments are needed, who could resist this sparkling temptation?
Pasties & Shoes by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker

Vintage Glamour

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Style is evident in the details with which we surround ourselves. Is it not? I agree entirely with the esteemed Oscar Wilde: "I have very simple tastes: I am always satisfied with the best." In this small but fine series you'll find the creme de la creme combined: beautifully restored vintage cars, fine corsets from TO.mTO, accessories by Feisty Cat, nylons from Ars Vivendi and the whole effect is staged by me and one of my favorite photographers Joerg Boeh.
Corset by TO.mTO
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Are not they incredibly sexy, these charming little gems that show a lot but not everything. What promising prospects! The jewelry set with necklace, which runs from the nipples to the neck, is my personal favorite. These pictures were taken from a shoot for the brand new collection of Nipple Pasties of Feisty Cat- Meowww!
Nipple Pasties by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker