Sheer Nylon Layers, Part II 0
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part II 1
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part II 2
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part II 3
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part II 4
Are you also a fan of elegantly stocking clad female legs? What is your favorite? Tights or rather stockings? ... why not both?
Photographer: Berserker
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 0
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 1
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 2
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 3
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 4
What could be more feminine than a touch of nylon, that tenderly spans a pair of legs and buttocks? Enjoy!
Photographer: Berserker
Pinestripes & Rhinestones, 0
Pinestripes & Rhinestones, 1
Pinestripes & Rhinestones, 2
Pinestripes & Rhinestones, 3
Pinestripes & Rhinestones, 4
Bling Bling ... why do I like these pumps? I guess no further comments are needed, who could resist this sparkling temptation?
Pasties & Shoes by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker
Seductive Nylon Treatment 0
Seductive Nylon Treatment 1
Seductive Nylon Treatment 2
Seductive Nylon Treatment 3
Seductive Nylon Treatment 4
A touch of nylon that gently caresses your legs is definitely sexy. Black, slightly transparent tights are a classic and something like a small fetish highlight for every day ... chic, but not kinky enough? How about with a second layer of nylon on top of that?
Photographer: Berserker
Glacé, Corset by TO.mTO 0
Glacé, Corset by TO.mTO 1
Glacé, Corset by TO.mTO 2
Glacé, Corset by TO.mTO 3
Glacé, Corset by TO.mTO 4
Classical elegance, feminine curves, high heels and fishnet stockings, which already made men loose their minds in the 50s. I think today they still do the same and therefore in my opinion a collection of corsets, high heels and a selection of beautiful line and fishnet stockings belong in the closet of every woman. Unfortunately, so much of style has become seldom today, or is perhaps out of fashion? So what, for me this style is an All Time Favorite!
Photographer: Jörg Böh
Corset: To.mTO Berlin
Strange Little World 0
Strange Little World 1
Strange Little World 2
Strange Little World 3
Strange Little World 4
Ready for a little trip? I'll take you into the strange, small world of Torsten Solin, a Berlin artist who is known amongst other things for his special aesthetics and doll-like representations of women. A collaboration had been planned for a long time and finally it worked out. I was allowed to slip into his bright red dollhouse and play with his creatures. The results can be admired here which represent only the raw material for Torsten's work. Often these are oversized paintings on the computer or ghost images. The odds are good that one or the other motive may soon find itself in a book or an exhibition.

Sweet like Candy

41 images Fetish
Sweet like Candy 0
Sweet like Candy 1
Sweet like Candy 2
Sweet like Candy 3
Sweet like Candy 4
Graceful and charming as a ballerina, I present myself in this gallery-wrapped in a dream of baby-pink satin and black chiffon - in a candy-colored world.
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Wild at Heart

Castle Tales 4

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Castle Tales 4 0
Castle Tales 4 1
Castle Tales 4 2
Castle Tales 4 3
Castle Tales 4 4
I have had this mask already for some time hanging on my apartment wall. I discovered it one day in a shop and immediately had daydreams of wild cats and erotic rites. For my multi-day shoot with all my model friends at Castle Kladow I took it with me and really lived up in my role as mysterious mistress of the castle.
MUA by Christa Durante
Photographer: Birdy Pix

Crazy Legs

47 images Pantyhose
Crazy Legs 0
Crazy Legs 1
Crazy Legs 2
Crazy Legs 3
Crazy Legs 4
Stockings, Pantyhose, Yeah! The more the merrier. Crazy colors and patterns, worn in combination. I can enjoy to try on a whole mountain of tights and stockings and to relish their feeling on my luxurious legs ...
Legware by Headrazor
Photographer: Berserker


107 images Pantyhose
Sugarbabes 0
Sugarbabes 1
Sugarbabes 2
Sugarbabes 3
Sugarbabes 4
Today you can live out your voyeuristic tendencies and watch me an my girl-friend Joanne caressing each other. We have both covered ourselves in thin, luxurious pantyhoses and pastel-colored negligees - Joanne entirely in pink and I in light blue. Not even the matching high heels were missing! With that kind of hot sight we obviously could not keep our fingers off each other and started to stroke everywhere with our gloved fingers - what a tingling sensation!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine