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In all of us lies the desire to do the forbidden. He who is without sin, cast the first stone!
And I like to confess my sinful desires, seduced by the sensual shine of latex, which envelops my body like a second skin. Who would not bend the knee in adoration?

Photos by Berserker

Outfit: HW Design Vienna

Rubber Nun

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The nun in latex is a popular theme, but it has never been staged in such a hot outfit. She wears a very thin catsuit that perfectly hugs the body, jet black and hellish fiery red that joins in the front of the chest to form a cross. A cleavage that promises lust and vice and of course the hood that frames the face tightly. The laced opening on the back gives insight to some wicked skin. Who wants to confess his sins to me?
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Jörg Böh
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The red latex-demon was not content with with the seductive words whispered in my ear but started to grope and make advances on me. Cunningly her red latex gloves stroked across my thin latex stockings and my hot crotch.
After the shooting we grabbed Joker, the owner of this confessional and this incredible location and took him in our middle. Valentina had a lot of fun to tease him with her torpedo-tits.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
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In Jokers' apartment Valentina and I had the chance to put a little role play into scene in front of a real confessional. I was an innocent latex-nun in black and white while she was the teasing, red latex-devil.
Soon after my confession ( which was not short ;) ) she started to provoke and tease me ...
Feat. Valentina
Photographer: Berserker