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How do I enjoy my summer? ... quite relaxed at the pool and wrapped in kinky latex! Only an air mattress is missing so the bathing fun can begin. But what is that? There is actually a bizarre rubber creature swimming peacefully in the pool, splashing around cheerfully! I will have to take a closer look ... Photos by Berserker, Latex Fashion by HW Design & HMS Latex

Underwater Love

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Do you know the old legends of beautiful sirens that drove men in droves out of their mind? Many a sailor has plunged into his downfall, beeing enticed by their sensual shiny bodies, flowing hair and irresistible song. Well, how is a man supposed to defend himself against the weapons of a woman?
Outfit : Savage Wear
Photos by Berserker

Mermaid Allure

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Oops, with wind speeds of up to 5 is washed ashore, more precisely, on the fine grained sandy beach of St. Peter-Ording, Germany on the North Sea. The sun is tickling my skin and the gently sloping beach invites you to linger. So I'll stay a while and let myself be gazed at by the strange two-legged creatures. Have they never seen as a mermaid?
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Jörg Böh