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Seductive Latex Lingerie 4
Hmmm, sparkling sun on my skin, a touch of latex, the finest nylons and of course High Heels this is how I enjoy summer!
Photographer: Wild at Heart
Outfit: HW Design
Blossoms of Romance 0
Blossoms of Romance 1
Blossoms of Romance 2
Blossoms of Romance 3
Blossoms of Romance 4
Like every woman, I too have a romantic side ... and I love flowers! Gorgeous and colorful or even the subtle and silky. They ??are just so adorable and individually in shape, flavor and character. No wonder that flowers and beautiful women belong together.
Photographer: Berserker

Playful Kitty

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Playful Kitty 4
Cats and women have so much in common. They are elegant and sleek, can be infinitely sweet and in the next moment show their claws. And who knows what goes on inside these pretty heads when these mysterious eyes a gleam at you?
Photographer: Thomas Bommi Burggraf
Pink Candyland, 0
Pink Candyland, 1
Pink Candyland, 2
Pink Candyland, 3
Pink Candyland, 4
Today will I disperse the winter mood with hot pink shots of a very special kind - a sweet dream, like pink cotton candy. This is for a spontaneous good mood! The playful feminine latex lingerie by the way is one of the latest designs by Savage Wear and I was able to wear it first. Life can be so beautiful PINK!
Latex Lingerie by Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Perfect PinUp

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Perfect PinUp 4
It's Christmas! And as a gift I have some very special goodies for you Sinteque as a charming pin-up girl! These wonderful little works of art, each of them tells its own story created during a visit to my dear friend Tessa aka Miss Giggles. I am always amazed at how much eroticism can be conveyed in such an comparatively chaste photo. Pure head cinema!
Nylons sponsored by Ars Vivendi

Red MegaHeelz

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Red MegaHeelz 4
A lot of bare skin, soft stocking-clad legs and a pair of sweet pasties preferably in fiery red, that makes a cocktail that obscures many a man's senses. Real high heels fetishists however, will fall for the red pumps with a proud 32cm heels. Admittedly they are anything else but wearable, and even completely impractical, but who cares at this sight?
Photographer: Berserker
The Chocolate Thief 0
The Chocolate Thief 1
The Chocolate Thief 2
The Chocolate Thief 3
The Chocolate Thief 4
Now look what we have here! This feisty guy actually actually thinks that he can steal those delicious little chocolate tartlets right in front of our eyes! Somebody obviously confused courage with recklessness ... this called for a decent punishment of course. Joanne and I made him really suffer, and finally lick the cake off our high heels and nylon clad feet lick - how delightful!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine
Bad Girls Never Die 2 0
Bad Girls Never Die 2 1
Bad Girls Never Die 2 2
Bad Girls Never Die 2 3
Bad Girls Never Die 2 4
As Oscar Wilde so aptly said: "Provide me with luxury. The necessities, I can live without". I could not agree more because this sweet "Sport-Prince" NSU in flaming red is just a useless as well as indispensable accessory. And I think it suits me very well!
Photographer: Jörg Böh

After Party 01

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After Party 01 3
After Party 01 4

Berlin - the city that never rest. Throughout the decades the inhabitants of Berlin always knew how to throw a party and of course I am verifying this saying quite scientifically ;). The city is currently bustling with vibrant energy and drawing a special crowd from all over the world. There are so many fascinating sexy people to meet here that I could just party on in my fetish outfit until Sunday afternoon.
When I finally do get home I am having a hard time cooling down as you can plainly see ...
Photographer: Berserker


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A secretary job can be really boring from time to time. Good thing that you can use the breaks for some spontaneous telephone sex ... ;)
Shooting for Kinkats
Photographer: Berserker