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A touch of nylon that gently caresses your legs is definitely sexy. Black, slightly transparent tights are a classic and something like a small fetish highlight for every day ... chic, but not kinky enough? How about with a second layer of nylon on top of that?
Photographer: Berserker
Nylons & High Heels 0
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Here are some really fetishistic pictures that have my divine legs and feet as subject. I know that not just a few of you have an affinity for them. For me personally there is no better symbol for feminine erotica and dominance than high-heels and nylons.
The perspective is also one that slaves have around me ;). Everything in a cool, tiled hospital-look ... perfect.
Photographer: Berserker
Nylon-Cats 0
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Nylon-Cats 4
Cats love to loll on luxurious sofas. If they feel really well the start to purr and stroke each other. This is especially fun involving sexy nylons and pantyhose. Good thing I found an accomplice in Joanne ;)
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Lingerie Seduction

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Here you can see me in seductive lingerie, nylons and high-heels! By the way the blonde angel next to me is Nicole Baumann - a real sweet an innocent thing! She gave a good contrast to me and that is really special in these pictures I think.
Photographer: Maerzinger
Black Latex Stockings 0
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Black Latex Stockings 4
I don't know what it is but transparent and semitransparent fetishclothing is especially fascinating to me.
First I put on the well-lubed latex-stockings that fit snug to my legs an feet as a second skin. Then the transparent boots. The wet black latex can be seen pressing against the transparent plastic. Mhhhh ....
Photographer: Berserker