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I love historical places. They radiate a special magic that captivates me. I wonder what already happened here? The walls could certainly speak for hours about it ...
Photographer: Berserker

Neo Victorian

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This extravagant latex corset jacket was custom made by designer Haydee Sparks of Savage Wear especially made for me. A combination of heavy rubber, corset and victorian elegance. I was so blown away by this jacket that I had to spontaneously organize a shoot in a bar around the corner. So be careful where you go out in Berlin. Anyone who behaves unseemly will get their behinds spanked ... ;)
Location: Red Rooster Bar Berlin
Photographer: Berserker
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Two rubber kittens like to play on their playground. They tease and cuddle.
They enjoy rubbing their rubberized breasts and buttocks against each other ... to feel their hot bodies through two layers of latex.
Photographer: Berserker