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Two bodies wrapped in several layers of black latex, bizarrely masked and ready to play kinky games ... Become a voyeur and follow us into the bedroom to watch what happens between the white sheets...

Latex Outfits by HW Design Latex, Vienna

Photos by Berserker

Sinner or Saint 0
Sinner or Saint 1
Sinner or Saint 2
Sinner or Saint 3
Sinner or Saint 4

In all of us lies the desire to do the forbidden. He who is without sin, cast the first stone!
And I like to confess my sinful desires, seduced by the sensual shine of latex, which envelops my body like a second skin. Who would not bend the knee in adoration?

Photos by Berserker

Outfit: HW Design Vienna

Outback Beauty 0
Outback Beauty 1
Outback Beauty 2
Outback Beauty 3
Outback Beauty 4

10:00 AM somewhere in the Australian Outback. The sun burns mercilessly, no cloud on the horizon and the temperature rises to 38 °C in the shade. The contrast between the red earth and the blue sky - what a setting! I fell in love with this unique country that has so many secrets and wonders .... and could not resist to stop for a small shooting. Grabbing some of my favorite pieces in shiny black latex  and high heels sandals the Outback shooting is ready to begin ...

Heavy Rubber Shower II

103 images Latex
Heavy Rubber Shower II 0
Heavy Rubber Shower II 1
Heavy Rubber Shower II 2
Heavy Rubber Shower II 3
Heavy Rubber Shower II 4
Here comes the second part of my Heavy Rubber session in the shower. A detail of my kinky outfit remained hidden in the first part. Surely you are already curious and I don't want to keep you waiting any longer: under the tight latex leggings I was hiding pussy panties. The full, shiny, elaborated labia are so inviting they make you want to touch them, explore all details and play with them! ... And that I have done ...
Photographer: Berserker

Neo Baroque

29 images Latex
Neo Baroque 0
Neo Baroque 1
Neo Baroque 2
Neo Baroque 3
Neo Baroque 4
With this gallery I present you my vision of baroque decadence - a special kind of seduction! Noble pallor, a tightly laced waist and perfect grace as a symbol of the baroque harmonize perfectly with the shine of latex. Had the ladies and lords of the 16th - 17th century known of such fetish seductions ... they would have hopelessly fallen for them!
Photographer: Thomas Adorff

Fabulous Kink

49 images Fetish
Fabulous Kink 0
Fabulous Kink 1
Fabulous Kink 2
Fabulous Kink 3
Fabulous Kink 4
Black marble sets the fitting ambiance for this fetish shooting. In a bizarre, transparent latex outfit I loll around in the shower. I feel warm water trickling down my body yet it does not touch me. I balance lustfully on my ballerina shoes and let myself slide down the shower wall. The cold stone and the hot water makes for an arousing combination ...
Photographer: Hans Goessing

Good and Evil 2

41 images Latex
Good and Evil 2 0
Good and Evil 2 1
Good and Evil 2 2
Good and Evil 2 3
Good and Evil 2 4
The second part of rubber madness from outer space.
To wear many layers of sexy clothing is something I enjoy very much. Transparent latex with delicate stockings above or below has something very decadent and stimulating.
Photographer: Berserker
Rubber Hotel 1 0
Rubber Hotel 1 1
Rubber Hotel 1 2
Rubber Hotel 1 3
Rubber Hotel 1 4
Here are the promised pictures of Valentina and me at the Mercure Plaza during the Fetishevolution. We photographed though the complete hotel and drew a lot of eyes on us.
At the hotelroom we squeezed each other into several layers of transparent latex. I pulled her corset really tight and she returned the favor. Then we used a lot of silicone oil to rub each other shiny. Feeling each others hot bodies through your own and her tight thin latex layers was wonderful. After the shooting, we had no intentions of getting out of the outfits and had some more fun at the hotelbar.
What else happened on that day can be seen in the next part of this shooting.
Featuring Valentina
Photos by Berserker

Fetish-Fun 2

53 images Latex
Fetish-Fun 2 0
Fetish-Fun 2 1
Fetish-Fun 2 2
Fetish-Fun 2 3
Fetish-Fun 2 4
Even more of my everyday fetish-lifestyle. Surfing around the internet looking for more hot outfits. A short workout for my body inbetween ( you are really starting to sweat in tight latex ;-) ). Then playing a bit with my teddy-bear, of course only if he is a good boy ...
Photos by Claus Troendle