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Two bodies wrapped in several layers of black latex, bizarrely masked and ready to play kinky games ... Become a voyeur and follow us into the bedroom to watch what happens between the white sheets...

Latex Outfits by HW Design Latex, Vienna

Photos by Berserker

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Sweet Bunny GlitterGun visited me recently. A perfect opportunity for a kinky double shoot! Both covered in black latex from head to toe, we soon agreed that something was still missing ... So we forged a small plot and quickly found a willing victim. Ohlala - did my sweet friend Dutch Dame know what she was getting into? Two red heads are hard to handle.

Fashion Shooting for HW Design 0
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Fashion Shooting for HW Design 4
Last month I made a trip to Vienna to pay Harald and Sandra of HW Design a visit. For many years I have been a fan of the exclusive designs and kinky masks! Even my latex stockings are custom made by HW Design. I was delighted about the invitation to Vienna. We have put the latest latex creations into scene - what a pleasure for me because I could see them before anyone else as well as try out the new designs! If you like one or the other piece, you can buy them in a few days at the HW Design shop! I myself have been so madly in love with the Leo corset - Sponsors welcome! O)
Fashion: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker

Twilight Zone

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Carmelo ist one of my favorite photographers at the moment. He has a special way of working with light. In this series incandescent light from the side was used to give this scene more atmosphere and to create nice relections on my strict body.
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta
Rubber Hotel 1 0
Rubber Hotel 1 1
Rubber Hotel 1 2
Rubber Hotel 1 3
Rubber Hotel 1 4
Here are the promised pictures of Valentina and me at the Mercure Plaza during the Fetishevolution. We photographed though the complete hotel and drew a lot of eyes on us.
At the hotelroom we squeezed each other into several layers of transparent latex. I pulled her corset really tight and she returned the favor. Then we used a lot of silicone oil to rub each other shiny. Feeling each others hot bodies through your own and her tight thin latex layers was wonderful. After the shooting, we had no intentions of getting out of the outfits and had some more fun at the hotelbar.
What else happened on that day can be seen in the next part of this shooting.
Featuring Valentina
Photos by Berserker