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Sweet Bunny GlitterGun visited me recently. A perfect opportunity for a kinky double shoot! Both covered in black latex from head to toe, we soon agreed that something was still missing ... So we forged a small plot and quickly found a willing victim. Ohlala - did my sweet friend Dutch Dame know what she was getting into? Two red heads are hard to handle.

Cinema Strange

Kitty Meoww 38 images Latex
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Imagine you are going to the movies and you find out that the show in the seats is far more interesting than the one on the screen. This happens when I hit the cinema in France with my friend Ohm. Fully clad in latex with paper thin masks of transparent latex we are having good fun with popcorn and sleazy films. And if she doesn't behave well enough she will miss half of the movie because I have to put an inflatable mask on her.
featuring Kitty Meoww
Photographer: Eric Martin & Fred Kyrel

Fetish Fantasy

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Fetish Fantasy 4
How kinky is that? Mistress Sinteque in a skintight, transparent latex-catsuit. My long legs tightly clad in red latex-stockings and all of this towering in breathtakingly high shiny red high-heels ...
Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Good and Evil 2

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The second part of rubber madness from outer space.
To wear many layers of sexy clothing is something I enjoy very much. Transparent latex with delicate stockings above or below has something very decadent and stimulating.
Photographer: Berserker

Good and Evil 1

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Good and Evil 1 4
Sometimes I feel as if I am from outer space with my preferences and extravagance. An alien queen in transparent latex with a mission to take over the world. But this is just my "good" side so beware earthlings!
Mask by Tolllkirsche
Photographer: Berserker