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Today there is a new kinky update for you with my sweet girlfriend Dutch Dame. She doesn't look that innocent in her white latex dress since it is a little too short, right? A strict corset and whip will punish the little seductress.
Photos by Mew-Chiel
Latex Fashion by HW- Design
Pony Training, Part II 0
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After a hard training day it is time is for my ponies to have a little distraction and body care. This will please the two! First, there's a refreshing shower and then off into the water!
Outfits: HW Design
Photos by Berserker
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What a wonderful day! I want to take advantage of the wonderful weather to train my ponies and to give them a little excercise. Didi is a proud and obstinate creature that needs a consistent leadership, but also very talented and persevering. I hope it can be a rolemodel for my new red pony. It is still so disobedient and has mastered only a few commands flawlessly. Today we will working on that a little.

After a hard training day it is time is for my ponies to have a little distraction and body care. This will please the two! First, there's a refreshing shower and then off into the water!

Outfits: HW Design

Video by Ropemarks

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Fine touch transparent latex, which spans my curves like a second skin ... and kinky black latex over it. Stockings, corset, a spiky harness, military cap oh, and my bizarre pussy panties, of which you will see in the second part of the series even more. I won't tell you more just yet.
Photographer: Berserker
Ultimate Kink, Part II 0
Ultimate Kink, Part II 1
Ultimate Kink, Part II 2
Ultimate Kink, Part II 3
Ultimate Kink, Part II 4
Welcome to the bizarre laboratory of Master A, a fellow Dominus from Brlin. The ultra kinky equipped clinic area is a real inspiration for a lover of bizarre games, like me ... Doctor games Deluxe!
Photographer: Berserker

Whip Club

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Come closer, because today I followed a very special invitation and visited the kinky BDSM studio of master A in the heart of Berlin Schoeneberg. My first inspection was a really exorbitant collection of spanking instruments. Wooooow, respect! I have rarely seen such an extensive collection. Among them were one or the other rare pieces - a paradise for lovers of whips, floggers and paddles!
Photographer: Berserker
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Cooldown anyone? I for one actually need one. So it's off to the tropical shower to cool my latex body from the heat of the sun. Gorgeous! Through the catsuit I can feel the cold water of the shower and would want more ... So off to the pool!
Outfit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker
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What latex lover does not dream of the perfect doll wrapped in shiny pink latex, glossy pink lips, long lashes, sexy curves. I present to you today even two of a kind. Do not be fooled by the harmless pink envelope. These dolls are full of kinky surprises!
Photographer: Berserker

Wet Games, Part II

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There is no use denying, I've done it again ... a nice hot, fragrant bath is already a pleasure. Enjoying it completely in latex is simply indescribable! I love it and yes, I'll do it again!
Outfit: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker

Wet Games, Part I

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Completely covered in shiny latex I enjoy the afternoon. A few days ago, my new latex boots arrived and today my new HW Design mask was in the mail. Fantastic! Of course I had to immediately try on everything ...
Outfit: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker