Blue Latex under the blue Sky 0
Blue Latex under the blue Sky 1
Blue Latex under the blue Sky 2
Blue Latex under the blue Sky 3
Blue Latex under the blue Sky 4
How do I enjoy my summer? ... quite relaxed at the pool and wrapped in kinky latex! Only an air mattress is missing so the bathing fun can begin. But what is that? There is actually a bizarre rubber creature swimming peacefully in the pool, splashing around cheerfully! I will have to take a closer look ... Photos by Berserker, Latex Fashion by HW Design & HMS Latex
Notorious Kinkster 0
Notorious Kinkster 1
Notorious Kinkster 2
Notorious Kinkster 3
Notorious Kinkster 4
Hopeless - I can never get enough of transparent latex and most of all I enjoy it even more in company. My Sweet Valentina is at least as forfeited to the erotic stimuli of kinky latex as I am and we love to caress each other and to shine up our latex bodies with silicone oil. Dressed from head to toe in heavy rubber we give ourselves completely in to our bizarre play ... and you are allowed to watch.
Photos by Berserker
Perfect Kitchen Maid 0
Perfect Kitchen Maid 1
Perfect Kitchen Maid 2
Perfect Kitchen Maid 3
Perfect Kitchen Maid 4
A little help in the household doesn't hurt - my sweet rubber slave is just in time. I assigned some light cleaning work to her. That should not be too much to ask, but when I wanted to see the result, I caught the little minx lounging. Well, if it does not work on a voluntarily basis, I obviously have to help a little, to transform my slave in the perfect domestic maid.
Rigger: Ropemarks
Photos by Berserker
Ultimate Kink, Part II 0
Ultimate Kink, Part II 1
Ultimate Kink, Part II 2
Ultimate Kink, Part II 3
Ultimate Kink, Part II 4
Welcome to the bizarre laboratory of Master A, a fellow Dominus from Brlin. The ultra kinky equipped clinic area is a real inspiration for a lover of bizarre games, like me ... Doctor games Deluxe!
Photographer: Berserker
Kinky Summer Pleasure 2 0
Kinky Summer Pleasure 2 1
Kinky Summer Pleasure 2 2
Kinky Summer Pleasure 2 3
Kinky Summer Pleasure 2 4
Cooldown anyone? I for one actually need one. So it's off to the tropical shower to cool my latex body from the heat of the sun. Gorgeous! Through the catsuit I can feel the cold water of the shower and would want more ... So off to the pool!
Outfit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Colorful Bubbles

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Colorful Bubbles 0
Colorful Bubbles 1
Colorful Bubbles 2
Colorful Bubbles 3
Colorful Bubbles 4
Sinteque is once again living it up in full color and strips to buff. Ohlala!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Purple Wonder Hoax

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Purple Wonder Hoax 0
Purple Wonder Hoax 1
Purple Wonder Hoax 2
Purple Wonder Hoax 3
Purple Wonder Hoax 4
Transparent latex is pure seduction-even more in bright colors. The material clings to my body tightly and lets some skin peak through - a real dream for fetish lovers!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Wet Games, Part I

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Wet Games, Part I 0
Wet Games, Part I 1
Wet Games, Part I 2
Wet Games, Part I 3
Wet Games, Part I 4
Completely covered in shiny latex I enjoy the afternoon. A few days ago, my new latex boots arrived and today my new HW Design mask was in the mail. Fantastic! Of course I had to immediately try on everything ...
Outfit: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker

Dressed to Impress

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Dressed to Impress 0
Dressed to Impress 1
Dressed to Impress 2
Dressed to Impress 3
Dressed to Impress 4
When asked why they always wear black, Coco Chanel once said: because no one has yet invented a darker color! I do concur with this statement only. Fashion comes and goes now-pink, green today. Black is never out, but always a statement of style, elegance and confidence. In this respect I was instantly in love with the enchanting dress by Anatomic Bomb. The decollete can seduce you with deep insights, gloves provide a certain aloofness, WHILE the veil surrounding me-perfection with a mysterious aura is not perfect!
Outfit: Anatomic Bomb
Photographer: Berserker
Heavy Rubber Striptease 0
Heavy Rubber Striptease 1
Heavy Rubber Striptease 2
Heavy Rubber Striptease 3
Heavy Rubber Striptease 4
Ohlala, I am dropping my layers of latex. Piece by piece I am removing of several layers of latex to my wafer-thin transparent catsuit, which shows more than it veiles and dive off into a sensual bathing experience.
Photographer: Berserker