Mistress Deluxe***

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Glossy transparent latex, ultra-high heels and a strict uniform look ... this is the stuff a fetishists dream is made up of. And this photo set has all of this and more! The stylishly yet extravagant "Hairjäger" Hair Extension Salon in Berlin offered the perfect setting for this shoot. Thanks to the guys for this opportunity and a lot of kinky fun with the new photos to all of you!

Photos by Berserker, Outfit by Bondinage


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Sanguine runes in heavy wooden tables, grave stones, candles and all sorts of goth decoration ... clearly, we are at Pech & Schwefel (Tar & Sulphur), Berlin's most comfortable Gothic-Bar! Enjoy!
Location Pech & Schwefel
Photographer: Berserker

Hair to dare,

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You can't do a transformation wonder like myself a bigger favor than to give me a huge box full of hair pieces with the request to make nice photos of them. I had the pleasure several times before, to model for the creations of HEADRAZOR. The new Cyber ​​hairpieces are just wonderful. I think especially worn to latex outfit they look fantastic, or for an extra kinky nurse outfit ... I love it!
product shooting for Headrazor
Photographer: Berserker

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Some time ago I had the pleasure of modeling for the extraordinary designs of Louis's Fleischauer aka AMF corset. This time, however, the request came from Pierre Leszczyk. His plan: a different interpretation of the outfits. The backdrop for this offered a charming baroque castle. Also for the styling and make-up Pierre had specific ideas: porcelain complexion, no eyebrows, no eye make-up, but dramatic made-up, glossy lips! I am always open for experimentation and styling and like to try things out but in this case I was definitely unsure if this suits me. The end results were fantastic and are so completely beyond any clichés. Enjoy this beautiful new world!
Featuring Ophelia Overdose

Steampunk Impression

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Steam Punk! This is an anachronism after my liking. Steam machines as a source of energy, wrapped in a Victorian lifestyle. The whole thing clad in latex and I am one happy girl.
Outfit bySavage Wear
Photographer: Berserker
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No, this is not my wedding dress ... but I said YES immediately to this gorgeous gown, as I should wear it for the new collection of Lucardis Feist in front of the camera. After I had heard that Uwe Johannsen had been hired as a photographer, it was my perfect day, because I appreciate his work very much. So off I went to shoot in the beautiful Harz Mountains. The location posed quite some challenges to the whole team, for what looks so elegant in the photos was really hard work. The old, vacant building was in a terribly dirty and worn down condition, the temperature was freezing and the assistant who helped us in changing rooms was in an bad mood. But all that could not spoil my day ... to wear these breathtakingly beautiful gowns and the results of the shooting were all worth it!
Hair & Make Up by Angelo Hofmann
Photographer: Uwe Johannsen

Apocalyptic Flesh 2

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Here comes the second part of the gallery with the dark corset creations of AMF.
Leather Couture by AMF
Photographer: Berserker

Apocalyptic Flesh 1

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White is the color of innocence? Maybe just until Louis Fleischauer - the designer of AMF gets his hands on this fine piece of white leather . He creates from leather darkly apocalyptic creations that are unique and distinctive each is one of its own ... and especially this corset is one of my favorites.
Leather Couture by AMF
Photographer: Berserker
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Wetlook shiny, transparent materials and alluring lace is the stuff men's dreams are made of! ... Especially if they just barely conceal the wild curves of their dream women. Sway, Madeleine and I present to you the brand new Wetlook Collection of French designer label ARROGANCE. None other than Peter W. Czernich has put the hot pieces into scene. Wonderful pictures were taken, which I don't want to deny to you, unfortunately, the collection is currently not available. Once the desired parts are ready for order I will report on it. I can not even wait, because I am completely in love with some of the pieces!
Featuring Sway & Madeleine S
Photographer: Peter Czernich
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Cyber Goth Girlz 2 4
In the second part of our fetish spacetrip we are exploring the dark corners and the white cyber area of our kinky spaceship.
feat. Valentina
Photographer: Berserker