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I just love Tatjana's outfits. They flatter the diva in me and have a sexy medley between cyber fashion and evening dress. Here I completely throw a ladylike pose and lasciviously lounge on the white, cool leather sofa.
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Photographer: Thorsten Wichmann

The Lady is a Vamp

30 images Latex
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The Lady is a Vamp 4
Sometimes I can not make up my mind at all, should it be the infamous sexy latex dress or rather the sweet pin-up outfit? Preferably both at the same time! My favorite designer Heidi of Savage Wear makes it possible. She designed this magnificent latex outfit, including the matching accessories such as hats and fingerless gloves. Is it not enchanting? And then there is the discreet leo-painted pattern, alas, I spontaneously fell in love with it! I had to have the outfit and go directly in the park - admiring glances were certain!
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Gerald Vicendo

Neo Tokyo

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Neo Tokyo 4
Transparent silk on bare skin, latex details flash in the darkness. The air is hot and tense. I will take you into an imaginary world full of erotic mystery. Follow me and I will give you an insight into my vision of Neo Tokyo.
Outfit : Tatjana
Location: Insomnia
Photographer: Berserker

Bare Naked

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Bare Naked 4
Sinteque without sexy outfit? Only my mirror gets to see that.
Photographer: Hubertus Kueppers

Gangsters' Bride

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Gangsters' Bride 4
The roaring twenties ... sleazy, smoke filled clubs ... gangsters ... and of course ... rubber. This is a very special and unusual outfit by Designer Atsuko Kudo. I combines the ladylike style of that period with the kink of pink latex. This really brings out the Vamp in me.

Outfit by Atsuko Kudo
Photographer: Christophe Mourthe


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Dominatrix 4
Shiny latex emphasizes my dominance and accentuates every curve of my body. Submit to this concentrated load of erotica and give in to it. Share my fantasies and follow me. This is my game - I win!
Outfit by Absolute Danny
Photographer: Christophe Mourthe

French Pinup

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French Pinup 4
The exhibition of Christophe Mourthé last year in Paris offered apart from the fantastic photographs an additional highlight: Me in a seductive latex outfit!
The designer Atsuko Kudo has crafted this wonderful dress. As an elegant French lady I seemed to have distracted one or the other of the visitors from the actual photographs. Atsuko was so exited how the color of the dress matched my eyes that he spontaneously convinced Christophe to do a shooting with exactly that outfit.
Outfit by Atsuko Kudo


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As you all know I am great Manga fan. Japan is one of those countries that builds the bridge between the past and the future in a most enchanting way.
To pay tribute to this my friend Heidi of Savage Wear has come up with a special outfit. A geisha dress made entirely of latex with applied ornaments.
Such an outfit should not be photographed by anyone less than fetish star photographer Christophe Mourthe. So I packed my bags and flew to Paris for an exclusive shooting by the extraordinary artist. Of course we were busy additionally to this so I will be able to upload some more shootings with him in the next few weeks.
By the way I also wore this outfit to the pre-party of the Fetishevolution. Optimal to dance and party exotically and all in latex.
Outfit by Savage Wear

Pink Puppet

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Pink Puppet 1
Pink Puppet 2
Pink Puppet 3
Pink Puppet 4
Sometimes I feel like a puppet on the strings of my fetishes ...
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Susann Loessin

Savage Wear

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Savage Wear 4
In this session I am wearing some of the extravagant creations of one of my favorite latex designers Savage Wear...
Photographer: Pitt Blind