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Noble lingerie, seamed nylons and high heels are the fabric of which not only men's dreams are made. I love to wear beautiful lingerie - every single day! Life is too short to wear boring cotton lingerie. Every woman should treat herself to this little luxury - simply to feel beautiful.

Photos by Berserker

Lingerie: Von Follies / Dita von Teese

Nylons: Ars Vivendi

Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 0
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 1
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 2
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 3
Sheer Nylon Layers, Part I 4
What could be more feminine than a touch of nylon, that tenderly spans a pair of legs and buttocks? Enjoy!
Photographer: Berserker

Open Sky

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Free like a cat, high above the rooftops of Berlin - I enjoy the last rays of the year - which did not go unnoticed by the neighbors. No wonder, such a view from the window is probably rare.
Pasties: Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker

Poisonous Candy

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Anyone aquainted with me, knows that I'm in love with bright colors. Why pastel pink, when it can be pink? Or ... a subtle mint green when you can have this phenomenal GREEN? Colors to me are symbol of passion and I want it all!
Photographer: Berserker
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 0
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 1
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A Tribute to Elmer Batters 3
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 4
For all nylon lovers this is a special update that focuses on this very wonderful, feminine accessories. I love the feel of real nylon stockings on my legs. The rustling, when I move them, the very delicate caress on the skin. The way they accentuate my legs. How they seem at the same time elegant, sexy and dominant. Not many people can resist this magic.
Nylons by Ars Vivendi
Photographer: Berserker
Seductive Nylon Treatment 0
Seductive Nylon Treatment 1
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Seductive Nylon Treatment 3
Seductive Nylon Treatment 4
A touch of nylon that gently caresses your legs is definitely sexy. Black, slightly transparent tights are a classic and something like a small fetish highlight for every day ... chic, but not kinky enough? How about with a second layer of nylon on top of that?
Photographer: Berserker

After Midnight

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A tightly bound corset is pure female seduction, even more so if it is combined in style with real nylon stockings, matching accessories and high heels! I think it is the best way to show your feminine side. There should be more women who dare to show put their curves so stylish and confident into the limelight. By the way, this really charming corset comes from Germany's most magnificent corset factory TO.mTO ... if you are playing with the idea of buying a real corsets there is no way past this place!
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Jörg Böh


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Extravgance meets strictness - Domination with an attitude!
Corset by Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Redplosion, part 1

87 images Latex
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Redplosion, part 1 1
Redplosion, part 1 2
Redplosion, part 1 3
Redplosion, part 1 4
Now you see red and you'll love it! No color has as much signal and shines with such a passion - no wonder it is one of my absolute favorite colors. Wrapped all in skin tight latex, accentuating the waist with a corset I lounge lasciviously on my latex sheets and enjoy the kinky feeling on my skin.
Catsuit & Corset by Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Castle Tales 4

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I have had this mask already for some time hanging on my apartment wall. I discovered it one day in a shop and immediately had daydreams of wild cats and erotic rites. For my multi-day shoot with all my model friends at Castle Kladow I took it with me and really lived up in my role as mysterious mistress of the castle.
MUA by Christa Durante
Photographer: Birdy Pix