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Today there is a new kinky update for you with my sweet girlfriend Dutch Dame. She doesn't look that innocent in her white latex dress since it is a little too short, right? A strict corset and whip will punish the little seductress.
Photos by Mew-Chiel
Latex Fashion by HW- Design
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 0
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 1
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I am usually less forgiving, but I have already passed off Valentina's little playing cards trickery. Who needs these silly games anyway when we can have such fun together!?
Outfit: Feisty
Photographer: Berserker
Kinky Holidays, part 1 0
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Hot chicks, burning sun, shiny latex creations and champagne are perfect for dirty girl talk. While enjoying the wonderful new creations of my sexy girl-friend designer Haydee Sparks we had a wonderful chat about shoes, clothing, boy toys and ... well, shoes. The hotter the sun burned down while we watched the blue Baltic Sea the more sweat beads started to drip down our backs and legs. And the more intense our our confessions of sexual adventures became. I have to say Haydee is quite hot-blooded and naughty for such a cute Finnish girl.
Featuring Haydee Sparks
Photographer: Berserker

Summer Breeze

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Blue sky, sand and sun ... add to that a fancy penthouse and already I'm in holiday mood! Though that was not the sole reason for our trip to the Baltic Sea. Some great new Savage Wear creations were to be photographed. Well, under these conditions you can surely not speak of the work. I slipped in first into the bronze neck holder dress, because I immediately had my eyes on it! Meanwhile, Haydee grabbed a costume also in bronze / black ... how sweet - in matching outfits! The shooting did not remain completely unobserved. Soon, a bunch of onlookers gathered under the terrace - I wonder why? ...
Featuring Haydee SparksPhotographer: Berserker

Castle Tales 3

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During my adventures on castle Wodrow with lots of beautiful looking girlfriends, Mirelle wanted to relax a little and enjoy a hot bath. We decided to do something very special for her ... and of course enjoy the sight of her body in the vintage bathtub. Armed with strawberries, chocolate and champagne, we moved up to her ... but see for yourself
featuring Caroli, Mirell & Tina
Photographer: Wombat & Birdy Pix

Venus Fair 2009

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The Venus Fair is the largest erotic fair in Germany. I was doing the organization of the models for the booth of French wetlook label Arrogance. With my hot fetish-girlfriends we mingled and partied on the fair on high heels for 4 days in a row. Stimulated by the driving techno beats in the hall and the various adult starlets, movies and toys, we flirted with each other and with the guests. Our Skin-tight, shiny outfits were so sexy that we permanently danced up and rubbed our bodies against each other. Among the highlights was certainly a brief conversation with Dolly Buster and to see Ron Jeremy live.
On Sunday we were all exhausted but happy to have done a good job.