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Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 3
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 4
I am usually less forgiving, but I have already passed off Valentina's little playing cards trickery. Who needs these silly games anyway when we can have such fun together!?
Outfit: Feisty
Photographer: Berserker

Come to me!

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Come closer to me, even closer ... and share this intimate moment with me.
Photographer: Jörg Böh

Seductive Nylon Legs

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As mistress of a Spanish villa I enjoy the feeling of Mediterranean wind on my skin. I've put on a seductive red bra and panties with lace. My legs are encased in thin, real nylons and a pair of red shiny heels complete the picture. I love to loll all day on a chaiselongue, to enjoy a glass of champagne and pursuing erotic daydreams.
Photographer: Berserker

Playful Kitty

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Cats and women have so much in common. They are elegant and sleek, can be infinitely sweet and in the next moment show their claws. And who knows what goes on inside these pretty heads when these mysterious eyes a gleam at you?
Photographer: Thomas Bommi Burggraf
A Tribute to Elmer Batters 0
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A Tribute to Elmer Batters 4
For all nylon lovers this is a special update that focuses on this very wonderful, feminine accessories. I love the feel of real nylon stockings on my legs. The rustling, when I move them, the very delicate caress on the skin. The way they accentuate my legs. How they seem at the same time elegant, sexy and dominant. Not many people can resist this magic.
Nylons by Ars Vivendi
Photographer: Berserker
Seductive Nylon Treatment 0
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Seductive Nylon Treatment 4
A touch of nylon that gently caresses your legs is definitely sexy. Black, slightly transparent tights are a classic and something like a small fetish highlight for every day ... chic, but not kinky enough? How about with a second layer of nylon on top of that?
Photographer: Berserker

Red MegaHeelz

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A lot of bare skin, soft stocking-clad legs and a pair of sweet pasties preferably in fiery red, that makes a cocktail that obscures many a man's senses. Real high heels fetishists however, will fall for the red pumps with a proud 32cm heels. Admittedly they are anything else but wearable, and even completely impractical, but who cares at this sight?
Photographer: Berserker

After Midnight

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A tightly bound corset is pure female seduction, even more so if it is combined in style with real nylon stockings, matching accessories and high heels! I think it is the best way to show your feminine side. There should be more women who dare to show put their curves so stylish and confident into the limelight. By the way, this really charming corset comes from Germany's most magnificent corset factory TO.mTO ... if you are playing with the idea of buying a real corsets there is no way past this place!
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Jörg Böh

Castle Tales 1

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In the summer of this year, I met an illustrious society, that had assembled at Castle Wrodow to enjoy themselves ... and to do one or the other shooting while there. The castle provided a fantastic setting and was a real inspiration ... The lovingly restored rooms, the elegant interior and the flair of the old building, which was first mentioned in 1271, pulled me into its spell, so I decided to stay for a few days. What actually happened during those days, I will tell and show you during the next few weeks - in the following parts of the "Castle Tales" series. Today we start in the Amber Room, where I am expecting my delinquent. I have matched my tight latex outfit with real nylons and ultra high heels. A delicate eye mask gives me a mysterious aura that must be unveiled. Enter and solve the mystery of the Amber Room!
MUA: Christa Durante
Photographer: Wombat
Bad Girls Never Die 2 0
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Bad Girls Never Die 2 4
As Oscar Wilde so aptly said: "Provide me with luxury. The necessities, I can live without". I could not agree more because this sweet "Sport-Prince" NSU in flaming red is just a useless as well as indispensable accessory. And I think it suits me very well!
Photographer: Jörg Böh