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Today there is a new photoset for you! I have covered myself in glamorous latex - in one of my favorite outfits! Especially elegant and feminine is the right mix to start the New Year. Two furry models joined in and bravely placed themselves at my feet ... how cute! My special thanks go out to the guys from the Hairjäger, whose cult hairdesser shop we were allowed to convert into a photoset.

Burlesque Headwear

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Quite honestly, I rarely had so much fun as in this product shooting for www.feisty-cat.com ! No costs nor efforts were too high to put the new collection of elegant hats and feathered hair ornament stylishly into scene. Thus not only product photos were created but also charming portraits, which I do not wish to keep from you. I was immediately enthralled by these precious jewels and have spontaneously bought half the range. Theses pictures show only a part of thecollection - visits the Feisty Cat Store at www.feisty-cat.com to see and buy all designs! But be careful ... shopping spree danger!
Headwear: The Feisty Cat Store
Photographer: Berserker