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10:00 AM somewhere in the Australian Outback. The sun burns mercilessly, no cloud on the horizon and the temperature rises to 38 °C in the shade. The contrast between the red earth and the blue sky - what a setting! I fell in love with this unique country that has so many secrets and wonders .... and could not resist to stop for a small shooting. Grabbing some of my favorite pieces in shiny black latex  and high heels sandals the Outback shooting is ready to begin ...


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I just love Tatjana's outfits. They flatter the diva in me and have a sexy medley between cyber fashion and evening dress. Here I completely throw a ladylike pose and lasciviously lounge on the white, cool leather sofa.
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Photographer: Thorsten Wichmann

Manhattan Lights

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I love this time between day and night, when everything seems in a mysterious twilight. The daily life falls away from us and we dive into our own world. What will the night have in store? Party with friends, a hot rendezvous or something totally unexpected? I'm ready.
Mini Top Hat by Feisty Cat Store
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Advent, advent, a candle is burning! Today there is a very special surprise for you - the ultimate Sinteque advent calendar! All Christmas like, I present myself in an elegant red latex dress and shine in competition with the ice crystals. Who needs chocolate with such an advent calendar?
Photographer: Thorsten Wichmann
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Wetlook shiny, transparent materials and alluring lace is the stuff men's dreams are made of! ... Especially if they just barely conceal the wild curves of their dream women. Sway, Madeleine and I present to you the brand new Wetlook Collection of French designer label ARROGANCE. None other than Peter W. Czernich has put the hot pieces into scene. Wonderful pictures were taken, which I don't want to deny to you, unfortunately, the collection is currently not available. Once the desired parts are ready for order I will report on it. I can not even wait, because I am completely in love with some of the pieces!
Featuring Sway & Madeleine S
Photographer: Peter Czernich

Glamour Girlz

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Off I go - but not without the right style and a proper wardrobe! Understatement was yesterday. Dressed in a chic dress by Atsuko Kudo the celebrating is definitely twice as good ... as noted by Kumi.
Featuring Kumi
Photographer: Eric Martin

The Lady is a Vamp

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Sometimes I can not make up my mind at all, should it be the infamous sexy latex dress or rather the sweet pin-up outfit? Preferably both at the same time! My favorite designer Heidi of Savage Wear makes it possible. She designed this magnificent latex outfit, including the matching accessories such as hats and fingerless gloves. Is it not enchanting? And then there is the discreet leo-painted pattern, alas, I spontaneously fell in love with it! I had to have the outfit and go directly in the park - admiring glances were certain!
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Gerald Vicendo

Sinful Decadence 2

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Eye popping colors, sexy glossy pvc Couture, sky high heels and luxurious Wolford stockings unite in a far out erotic scene, dark, surreal! Come on let's play!
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Location: Insomnia Berlin
Photographer: Berserker

Kitty Cat

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What do cats and I have in common? Cats are always unpredictable, mysterious, elegant and stealthily sneak up to their prey. Purrr ...
Photographer: Berserker


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Elegant, seductive and self-confident I presented myself to the participants of an exclusive photo workshop in Hamburg. We found the perfect ambience in the designer furniture shop "Kramer". The elegant and stylish furnitures offered a magnificent backdrop and it instantly felt like home. I was especially fond of the white leather couch ... I love straight shapes and intelligent designs even in interior design. Since the workshop took place during the opening times of the furniture store there was a peculiar attraction for the visitors to marvel at - me! The reactions were quite positive ... after all one can imagine much better how the interior design will look like at home when a pretty model is sprawling in it, no? ;)
Photographer: Jörg Böh