Mistress Deluxe***

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Glossy transparent latex, ultra-high heels and a strict uniform look ... this is the stuff a fetishists dream is made up of. And this photo set has all of this and more! The stylishly yet extravagant "Hairjäger" Hair Extension Salon in Berlin offered the perfect setting for this shoot. Thanks to the guys for this opportunity and a lot of kinky fun with the new photos to all of you!

Photos by Berserker, Outfit by Bondinage

Ultimate Kink, Part I 0
Ultimate Kink, Part I 1
Ultimate Kink, Part I 2
Ultimate Kink, Part I 3
Ultimate Kink, Part I 4
Fine touch transparent latex, which spans my curves like a second skin ... and kinky black latex over it. Stockings, corset, a spiky harness, military cap oh, and my bizarre pussy panties, of which you will see in the second part of the series even more. I won't tell you more just yet.
Photographer: Berserker

Whip Club

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Come closer, because today I followed a very special invitation and visited the kinky BDSM studio of master A in the heart of Berlin Schoeneberg. My first inspection was a really exorbitant collection of spanking instruments. Wooooow, respect! I have rarely seen such an extensive collection. Among them were one or the other rare pieces - a paradise for lovers of whips, floggers and paddles!
Photographer: Berserker

Born this way

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Yess- that´s soooo me! Ladylike, seductive, dominant und just outstanding!Outfit: Innersanctum
Photographer: Berserker

Sinful Transparency

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Rummaging through my hard drive these sexy snapshots have fallen into my hands of ... and they are far too good to deny them from you. The photos were taken spontaneously at a fitting for the HW Design Fashion Show @ German Fetish Ball 2012. Wow, is this dress not a dream in latex? I am always surprised and amazed by the spectacular designs from the house of HW Design that make every fetishist's heart beat faster.
Outfit : HW Design
Photographer: Berserker


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Elegance and style are in my view not a question of money, but a way of life. This wonderful photo set is proof for this - shot in a burned down house somewhere in Berlin. Thanks to Patric Böttcher for the super spontaneous quick-shoot!
Photographer: Patric Böttcher
Outfit: HW Design

Dressed to Impress

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When asked why they always wear black, Coco Chanel once said: because no one has yet invented a darker color! I do concur with this statement only. Fashion comes and goes now-pink, green today. Black is never out, but always a statement of style, elegance and confidence. In this respect I was instantly in love with the enchanting dress by Anatomic Bomb. The decollete can seduce you with deep insights, gloves provide a certain aloofness, WHILE the veil surrounding me-perfection with a mysterious aura is not perfect!
Outfit: Anatomic Bomb
Photographer: Berserker

Dark Goddess

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One of my favorite clubs in Berlin where I can live out my dark fantasies is the Equipage Club. A decadent, medieval atmosphere, with cages, racks and all kinds of torture devices. Here I can live out my dark goddess. Star stylist Marcus Köhler designed a fantastic hairstyle worthy of a Fetish Countess. The whole outfit in latex was designed by none other than HW Design. What a dark erotic dream. It is here that I wish to rule over my slaves and be pampered by my maids.
Dress by HW Design
Photographer: Berserker
Strawberry Fun, part 2 0
Strawberry Fun, part 2 1
Strawberry Fun, part 2 2
Strawberry Fun, part 2 3
Strawberry Fun, part 2 4
Let the punishment begin. First, Valentina warms him up with a few kicks in his rubber butt. Then I grab him by his collar and he already starts to beg for his slave life. How ridiculous! This gets us started even more. I push him with my red high-heels on the floor where he belongs. Actually, he makes a very good foot rest for me and my girl-friends. Maybe we will still have use for him.
But first a severe flogging for boy. Then he is quickly made into our pony.
Valentina drills her high-heels into his handcuff-rings, so that he can not struggle while I kick him in the crotch with my heels. We are a perfect team.
Now, let's have some fun and a sweet snack as well. With a can of whipped cream and strawberries, we transformed him into a live dessert holder. What a pleasure. That will teach him not to neglect his duties again.
Featuring Valentina + Gianni Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Golden Cage

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Golden Cage 1
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Golden Cage 4
Birdy in a golden cage? Memories of 007 in Goldfinger? Special Agent Sinteque is always looking for the shimmer of this unique material. Even if the diamonds are a girl's best friend it is gold that exerts its own fascination. In such a cage, I would move voluntarily.
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Wild at Heart