Mistress Deluxe***

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Glossy transparent latex, ultra-high heels and a strict uniform look ... this is the stuff a fetishists dream is made up of. And this photo set has all of this and more! The stylishly yet extravagant "Hairjäger" Hair Extension Salon in Berlin offered the perfect setting for this shoot. Thanks to the guys for this opportunity and a lot of kinky fun with the new photos to all of you!

Photos by Berserker, Outfit by Bondinage

Heavy Rubber Barbie

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Complete wrapped from head to toe in shiny latex, adding some kinky stiletto boots and alluring pink lips that would even turn Barbie herself green with envy!
Photos by Berserker
Kinky X-mas FUN! 0
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Finally Christmas! Now quickly decorating the cute Xmas tree ... Admittedly, mine looks a little different than those of other people - I just like it shiny and kinky! First, the tree has to be positioned and secured, and the next step is decoration - sigh, I love that! Isn't it wonderful when the Christmas tree lighting is switched on and the tree shines in all its glory?
Photographer: Berserker


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Impossible? This word is unknown to the talented shoe designer Jochen Kronier- he loves the challenge! And this request actually put him in front of new problems, but also unprecedented opportunities. They should be Boots, specifically ultra high ones. So the question was: What height is possible? The simple answer of Kronier was: As high as you want! We agreed on gigantic 50cm and then it went to the molding, assembling materials, measurements, ... After a few weeks the work was done: My ultra high heels boots with exactly 53cm height shone in all their beauty - of course, quite typical for Kronier without heels. I can hardly describe how it feels to stand and walk in them. In any case, you have a whole new perspective on things ... and: I need to get myself a boot slave, because there is a lot of boot to lick!
Corset by Cyberesque
Photographer: Berserker

Space Babe

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Today I am taking you into the depths of the universe. Welcome to the command of the USS Sinteque. Here on deck the days are long and you should not be surprised when the crew is lounging all Barbarella-style naked except for the silver space boots on the captain's couch.
Onward to new adventures on other planets with bizarre erotic life forms and kinky encounters of the third kind.
Furniture and boots by Jochen Kronier
Photographer: Berserker

Castle Tales

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Such dark and ancient walls are known to have a life of their own. In this case, the strange noises from the first floor that had nothing to do with ghosts. It was rather Caroli and I that had agreed to teach this worthless slave a lesson. I must say, Caroli was quite good as latex maid and a fantastic help. So our slave had to suffer even more. See for yourself ...
Featuring Caroli & Max Peal
Photographer: Wombat

Sheer Power

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Today I am feeling very powerful. In my transparent nylon catsuit with lace and a strict corset I am celebrating the dark goddess. It is moments like these that I have the uncontrollable urge to try out my different whips on the flesh of a willing and submissive subject. First the riding crop that whistles through the air and then the bull whip that gives me comfortable goose bumps with its crack.
Woe to those that enter the lair of the dark mistress.
Photographer: Berserker
Black Latex Stockings 0
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I don't know what it is but transparent and semitransparent fetishclothing is especially fascinating to me.
First I put on the well-lubed latex-stockings that fit snug to my legs an feet as a second skin. Then the transparent boots. The wet black latex can be seen pressing against the transparent plastic. Mhhhh ....
Photographer: Berserker