Playful Rubber Dollz 0
Playful Rubber Dollz 1
Playful Rubber Dollz 2
Playful Rubber Dollz 3
Playful Rubber Dollz 4
Today there is a new kinky update for you with my sweet girlfriend Dutch Dame. She doesn't look that innocent in her white latex dress since it is a little too short, right? A strict corset and whip will punish the little seductress.
Photos by Mew-Chiel
Latex Fashion by HW- Design
Kinky Fun in the Sun, part I 0
Kinky Fun in the Sun, part I 1
Kinky Fun in the Sun, part I 2
Kinky Fun in the Sun, part I 3
Kinky Fun in the Sun, part I 4
Bright blue sky and sunshine is just perfect for a kinky day at the pool! Mistress Sandra accompanies me and has promised to bring playful toys for the water. I wonder what she has in mind? I'm curious...
Photos by Berserker
Ora et Labora, Part I 0
Ora et Labora, Part I 1
Ora et Labora, Part I 2
Ora et Labora, Part I 3
Ora et Labora, Part I 4
Our monastery has once again received inflow. Prioress Sandra and I have immediately accepted the aspiring nun and introduced her to the strict rules of the monastery. Contemplating in work and in prayer are the everyday life of a nun. Today's tasks for our sister were doeing some gardening work. But upon arrival at the monastery garden we found that the work ethic of the new one had its limits - a behavior that requires immediate correction.
Outfits: HW Design
Rigger: Ropemarks
Photos by Berserker
Breathless Heavy Rubber Games, part I 0
Breathless Heavy Rubber Games, part I 1
Breathless Heavy Rubber Games, part I 2
Breathless Heavy Rubber Games, part I 3
Breathless Heavy Rubber Games, part I 4
Dressed from head to toe in shiny latex, tightly laced waist and face covered by a mask - that is not only how I like to see myself but also my playmate! Like a latex cast sculpture she stands before me. What an exciting and inspiring sight! Time to take care of that latex object ...
Rigger: Ropemarks
Photos by Berserker
Ultimate Kink, Part I 0
Ultimate Kink, Part I 1
Ultimate Kink, Part I 2
Ultimate Kink, Part I 3
Ultimate Kink, Part I 4
Fine touch transparent latex, which spans my curves like a second skin ... and kinky black latex over it. Stockings, corset, a spiky harness, military cap oh, and my bizarre pussy panties, of which you will see in the second part of the series even more. I won't tell you more just yet.
Photographer: Berserker
Playful & Pervy 0
Playful & Pervy 1
Playful & Pervy 2
Playful & Pervy 3
Playful & Pervy 4
Two tempting ladies wrapped in shiny red and black latex, kinky boots and ballet tutus - who wouldn't like to play with these two bizarre ballerinas?
Photographer: Berserker

Alpha & Omega

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Alpha & Omega 0
Alpha & Omega 1
Alpha & Omega 2
Alpha & Omega 3
Alpha & Omega 4
The alpha and the omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end - I have finally realized my vision in this photo series. I conjure the apocalyptic image of a female goddess, deeply rooted in the earth, beautiful, strong and cruel.
Outfit: AMF Korsets
Photographer: Berserker


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Killerbootzzz 4
Impossible? This word is unknown to the talented shoe designer Jochen Kronier- he loves the challenge! And this request actually put him in front of new problems, but also unprecedented opportunities. They should be Boots, specifically ultra high ones. So the question was: What height is possible? The simple answer of Kronier was: As high as you want! We agreed on gigantic 50cm and then it went to the molding, assembling materials, measurements, ... After a few weeks the work was done: My ultra high heels boots with exactly 53cm height shone in all their beauty - of course, quite typical for Kronier without heels. I can hardly describe how it feels to stand and walk in them. In any case, you have a whole new perspective on things ... and: I need to get myself a boot slave, because there is a lot of boot to lick!
Corset by Cyberesque
Photographer: Berserker
Fallen Angels 0
Fallen Angels 1
Fallen Angels 2
Fallen Angels 3
Fallen Angels 4
Some time ago I had the pleasure of modeling for the extraordinary designs of Louis's Fleischauer aka AMF corset. This time, however, the request came from Pierre Leszczyk. His plan: a different interpretation of the outfits. The backdrop for this offered a charming baroque castle. Also for the styling and make-up Pierre had specific ideas: porcelain complexion, no eyebrows, no eye make-up, but dramatic made-up, glossy lips! I am always open for experimentation and styling and like to try things out but in this case I was definitely unsure if this suits me. The end results were fantastic and are so completely beyond any clichés. Enjoy this beautiful new world!
Featuring Ophelia Overdose
Kinky Neon Fun GirlZ 0
Kinky Neon Fun GirlZ 1
Kinky Neon Fun GirlZ 2
Kinky Neon Fun GirlZ 3
Kinky Neon Fun GirlZ 4
Hey, it's summer. Hot nights, cool spirits and sexy girls. Valentina and I were so inspired by the Italian zest for life that we picked the brashest latex outfits from our closets. Together we are an explosive cocktail of fetish-power. Nothing can stop us now.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker