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I love summer and where can I enjoy it better than at the pool? Water pearls from my metallic gold latex dress while I splash my feet in the cool water. Gently I float with my air mattress in the water. Life can be so beautiful. My sweet friend Dutch Dame liked this view so much that she spontaneously joined me. Ohlala! you also need a cool down?

Models: Dutch Dame & Sinteque

Photos: Berserker

Outfits: Savage Wear / HW Design Latex

Jungle Fever

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Come with me to the wild side and discover a whole new, unknown species. She hides - perfectly camouflaged - in the depths of the jungle. The shiny green latex skin of this elegant big cat makes her almost invisible in the rich green of the plants. But be careful, the untamed kitten has sharp claws!

Photos by Berserker

Catsuit by HW Design

Mask by Jaded Jewall

Let it Rain!

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Let your imagination run wild ... a beautiful, sunny day in the late autumn - perfect for a trip to the countryside! The sky is reflected on my skin-tight latex catsuit and raindrops sparkle as diamonds in the sunlight.

Photos by Berserker, Outfit by Fantastic Rubber.

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10:00 AM somewhere in the Australian Outback. The sun burns mercilessly, no cloud on the horizon and the temperature rises to 38 °C in the shade. The contrast between the red earth and the blue sky - what a setting! I fell in love with this unique country that has so many secrets and wonders .... and could not resist to stop for a small shooting. Grabbing some of my favorite pieces in shiny black latex  and high heels sandals the Outback shooting is ready to begin ...

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Like every woman, I too have a romantic side ... and I love flowers! Gorgeous and colorful or even the subtle and silky. They ??are just so adorable and individually in shape, flavor and character. No wonder that flowers and beautiful women belong together.
Photographer: Berserker
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Romance Garden 4
Berlin presents itself at its best, as my friend Valentina from Italy came to visit me. So I decided to show her a bit of the city and enjoy the sunny weather. We enjoyed ourself in my bathroom, dressing each other, put on a little more makeup and slipped into a hot latex stuff to go wild in the city all styled up. Naturally, we attracted the attention of bypassing people and many stopped with their mouth open. Fun, fun! By the way these photos were taken at the Maerchenbrunnen (Fairy Tale Fountain). I love this place and go there quite often in the summer.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker


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You remember I mentioned my trip to Berlin? When I visit the big cities of this world I usually do what ladies have loved through all ages. I flirt in Cafes, stroll through parks and watch the passing people from a bench. I often wonder what erotic fantasies they carry around with them.

Photographer: Zarya Eleva

Sunflowers 1

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I have used the last few rays of autumn sunlight to do a shoot in a sunflower-field. The flowers were already a little dried up.
I love gothic symbolism. Reason enough to be the dark harvester ...
Photographer: Berserker

Dark Delight

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During the German Fetish Ball in Berlin I found the time to for a Shooting with with Martin Pelzer. I love the flair of Berlin. The streets that are rich in tradition. They seem to whisper their stories to me.
So we wandererd through backalleys and trainstations to find appealing locations for a dark-sensual fetish shooting. I think this ambience comes across on these photos.
Photographer: Martin Pelzer