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What a great day! Mistress Sandra has recruited us a new ship's mate. This promises a lot of kinky fun. After all, the applicant has to be carefully examined and appraised, because rough customs prevail on the high seas. Is our sailor girl Dutch lady up to the challenges? Find out!

Photos: Berserker

Outfits: HW Design


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Two bodies wrapped in several layers of black latex, bizarrely masked and ready to play kinky games ... Become a voyeur and follow us into the bedroom to watch what happens between the white sheets...

Latex Outfits by HW Design Latex, Vienna

Photos by Berserker

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Springtime! So I took my all-new black latex catsuit into my super chic, newly designed photo studio. Combined with transparent black blouse, skirt and corset, I put together a strict kinky outfit. Shiny latex gloves and mask complete the look. Exactly my style - nothing feels sexier than 3 layers of latex on your skin!

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Military Bitch, Part II 0
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Here comes the second part of the strict training of Private Janus ...
Featuring Slave Janus
Photographer: Berserker
Fully rubberized in tight, heavy, black latex, Mistress Sandra showed me the extensive HW Dungeon. A special room immediately struck my eye. The mask room. I love latex masks in any shape or color, but such a collection I had not seen before. Thin, transparent, smoked, dipped, laced, with zipper they hung neatly lined up.
Sandra did not miss out on showing me a few of the highlights. Inspired by the masks and the smell of rubber, we started to stroke and caress our hot bodies. Each mask excited us even more and when she put the pussy model on me she could not help but tease me with a blowup dildo. In return, I took away her breath with a transparent breath control mask.
Featuring Mistress Sandra
Photographer: Berserker

Latex Passion

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Dashing in Ferrari red and clad in kinky latex I present myself today - ready for a hot night! One of my favorite gas masks completes the outfit. Discovered what kinky surprise is hiding under my leggings!
Photographer: Berserker