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I have visited my dear friend Joanne Lafontaine again and we had some exquisite fun! Not entirely coincidentally "Loewe" showed up and that was very much to our liking. Two dominant nylon ladies of course need a willing victim and "Loewe" was more than ready to submit and to worship our high heels. Actually we were not so merciful and made him feel our full weight-focused on the tiny points of our heels. This dominance in a double pack got him groaning and sweating quite a bit while we had our fun. As a reward he was allowed to inhale the fine scent of Lady Joanne.
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X-mas Special

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I guess I am just that impatient. I already had to open some of the presents. A lot of sexy corsets ... but that can't be all? Just wait until I get my fingers on that little santa claus ... grrr