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10:00 AM somewhere in the Australian Outback. The sun burns mercilessly, no cloud on the horizon and the temperature rises to 38 °C in the shade. The contrast between the red earth and the blue sky - what a setting! I fell in love with this unique country that has so many secrets and wonders .... and could not resist to stop for a small shooting. Grabbing some of my favorite pieces in shiny black latex  and high heels sandals the Outback shooting is ready to begin ...

Shiny WildCat

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Cats love to loll lasciviously in the sun and know exactly how to put their sleek and elegant body into the right perspective. Such adorable creatures!
Outfit : HW Design
Photos by Berserker
Bittersweet Triad in Blue 0
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Bittersweet Triad in Blue 4
Our delinquent Dutch Dame has been a really bad girl and that requires correction. Mistress Sandra has spontaneously expressed her desire to attend the educational measures and to assist me - great! We decided to not only restrict Didi in her mobility, but to push her into a pretty grueling position, from which there is no escape ... not even from our teasing Nippeltorture- games. Protesting is futile - we made sure of this.
Outfit : HW Design
Photos by Berserker

Merry Spanky Xmas!

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Hoho- it is finally Christmas! The celebration of love ... everything shines in warm light, there is smell of delicious pastries and I'm waiting for Santa Claus. I wonder what he has in his bag? Sexy high heels? Shiny Latex? Oh, what ??? A rod? Hold on!
Photographer: Panick Photos

Pure me

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Very pure, very self, I sometimes need it no more than a touch of latex and high heels!
Outfit: HW Design
Photos by Berserker
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 0
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 1
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 2
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 3
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part II 4
I am usually less forgiving, but I have already passed off Valentina's little playing cards trickery. Who needs these silly games anyway when we can have such fun together!?
Outfit: Feisty
Photographer: Berserker
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 0
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 1
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 2
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 3
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 4
My sweet Valentina invited me to a game of poker and offered her slave as a prize. How tempting! However, I soon realized that she wanted to keep him for herself. I quickly saw through her little tricks and questioned her ... but who could be angry with this charming lady for long?
Outfit: Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker

Body Ritualz

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Follow the play of light on my skin to another time, another place ... matriarchal, hedonistic and unspeakably seductive!
Outfit: Cyberesque
Photographer: Berserker


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A little film noire, the attitude of a grande dame and elegant designer latex ... an explosive mix full of charisma that entices you to surrender completely.
Outfit: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker

Shiny Delight

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Nika from the fantastic latex label LaCucaracha has provided me with a charming vintage latex top for my pleasure. I was so inspired by the cut and colors that I let myself get carried away with some light experiments. Yes! With this kind of styling summer can come.
Outfit :Lacucaracha
Photographer: Berserker