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Let the punishment begin. First, Valentina warms him up with a few kicks in his rubber butt. Then I grab him by his collar and he already starts to beg for his slave life. How ridiculous! This gets us started even more. I push him with my red high-heels on the floor where he belongs. Actually, he makes a very good foot rest for me and my girl-friends. Maybe we will still have use for him.
But first a severe flogging for boy. Then he is quickly made into our pony.
Valentina drills her high-heels into his handcuff-rings, so that he can not struggle while I kick him in the crotch with my heels. We are a perfect team.
Now, let's have some fun and a sweet snack as well. With a can of whipped cream and strawberries, we transformed him into a live dessert holder. What a pleasure. That will teach him not to neglect his duties again.
Featuring Valentina + Gianni Rubber
Photographer: Berserker