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When my sexy girlfriend Valentina Fetishdoll and I are having a ladies night it always turns out kinky. It is a clash of Italian temper and German coolness. Usually men that are in our reach have to pay the price.
We both dressed up chic in ultra-thin latex clothes with feather applications, latex stockings and high heels. Two real rubber divas. We put Gianni Rubber, our slave for the evening, in a black rubber catsuit with mask without a mouth to avoid being disturbed. We used him as a human champagne holder, which already amused us wonderfully. Then we began to treat each other with strawberries and enjoyed his desperate eyes.
While we started stroking our latex clad bodies we were getting hot, so we ordered him to bring the champagne. We began rub the cool liquid on our rubber bottoms. Then we noticed he was turning into a little voyeur and immediately Mistress Valentina slapped him in the face. What was this guy thinking?
Now we have to think of a proper punishment for this debauchee ...
Featuring Valentina + Gianni Rubber
Photographer: Berserker