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If you are lucky or unlucky to be admitted into the Vienna Rubber Clinic you have to be prepared for a lot. After assessment of the patient through the transparent, latex-clad Mistress Sandra and Mistress Sinteque, he is first pressed on the examination table. Strictly rubber as a first measure is the decision. A heavy rubber mask made ​​of thick latex from Studio Gum is closed with buckles around his head. He is now completely covered in rubber and can only breathe through the nostril holes. The two nurses strictly strap him to the rotation table. He can not move an inch, while the ladies maneuver him in any position by pressing buttons. They remove the flaps on his butt and crotch to gain better access. With great pleasure they feel up his butt and genitals. Everything, of course, only for the benefit of the patient who can not do much more than to wiggle and give subdued groans.
Clothing by HW Design
Photographer: Berserker