Seductive Nylon Legs

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As mistress of a Spanish villa I enjoy the feeling of Mediterranean wind on my skin. I've put on a seductive red bra and panties with lace. My legs are encased in thin, real nylons and a pair of red shiny heels complete the picture. I love to loll all day on a chaiselongue, to enjoy a glass of champagne and pursuing erotic daydreams.
Photographer: Berserker

Latex Fun @ the Pool

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Granted, I feel really comfortable at 30 ° C, sun, sea and plenty of time to unwind. I slip into my latex swimsuit and sexy latex stockings to relax by the pool and to dive into the refreshing water. I wish time would stop now.
Photographers: Wild at Heart
Outfit: HW Design
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May I introduce to you my new sexy playmate Laura? Isn't she sweet? The red hair, beautiful big eyes, sexy boobs and these charming freckles! I just had to ask if she would like to shoot a kinky set ... she agreed and it was a lot of fun. What a tasty treat!
Photographer: Berserker
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Two tempting ladies wrapped in shiny red and black latex, kinky boots and ballet tutus - who wouldn't like to play with these two bizarre ballerinas?
Photographer: Berserker

Carrot & Stick

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Electrifying, charismatic, seductive and yet aloof. Women with style know how to play with their charms and thus make dozen men lose their minds. Is it not so? Then try to find the sweet secret behind the strict officer Sinteque!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker


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I love historical places. They radiate a special magic that captivates me. I wonder what already happened here? The walls could certainly speak for hours about it ...
Photographer: Berserker
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Cooldown anyone? I for one actually need one. So it's off to the tropical shower to cool my latex body from the heat of the sun. Gorgeous! Through the catsuit I can feel the cold water of the shower and would want more ... So off to the pool!
Outfit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker
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Into the catsuit and then out to the pool - what a treat! Instead of suntan lotion there is silicone oil to shine up the latex that covers me like a second skin. In the sun my body looks like a sculpture wrapped in shiny metallic platinum - what a sparkling sight!
Outfit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker

Paradise Garden

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Today I will take you to a paradisaical spot with beautiful palm trees, flowers and olive trees. Here I had some wonderful holidays spent in the midst of the Tramutana mountains and away from the stress, deadlines and the internet. Some playful latex outfits and high heels, have of course found their way into the luggage. Enjoy the sexy photos from this gorgeous setting!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker
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Girls just wanna have fun! 4
Oh, a visit from my friend Deanna all dressed in latex and with cute red hearts. Isn't that sweet? I think I should greet her accordingly - with a lot of heart!
Outfits: Anatomic Bomb
Photographer: Berserker