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I just love Tatjana's outfits. They flatter the diva in me and have a sexy medley between cyber fashion and evening dress. Here I completely throw a ladylike pose and lasciviously lounge on the white, cool leather sofa.
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Photographer: Thorsten Wichmann

Manhattan Lights

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I love this time between day and night, when everything seems in a mysterious twilight. The daily life falls away from us and we dive into our own world. What will the night have in store? Party with friends, a hot rendezvous or something totally unexpected? I'm ready.
Mini Top Hat by Feisty Cat Store

Venus Fair 2009

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The Venus Fair is the largest erotic fair in Germany. I was doing the organization of the models for the booth of French wetlook label Arrogance. With my hot fetish-girlfriends we mingled and partied on the fair on high heels for 4 days in a row. Stimulated by the driving techno beats in the hall and the various adult starlets, movies and toys, we flirted with each other and with the guests. Our Skin-tight, shiny outfits were so sexy that we permanently danced up and rubbed our bodies against each other. Among the highlights was certainly a brief conversation with Dolly Buster and to see Ron Jeremy live.
On Sunday we were all exhausted but happy to have done a good job.
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Wetlook shiny, transparent materials and alluring lace is the stuff men's dreams are made of! ... Especially if they just barely conceal the wild curves of their dream women. Sway, Madeleine and I present to you the brand new Wetlook Collection of French designer label ARROGANCE. None other than Peter W. Czernich has put the hot pieces into scene. Wonderful pictures were taken, which I don't want to deny to you, unfortunately, the collection is currently not available. Once the desired parts are ready for order I will report on it. I can not even wait, because I am completely in love with some of the pieces!
Featuring Sway & Madeleine S
Photographer: Peter Czernich
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In the second part of our fetish spacetrip we are exploring the dark corners and the white cyber area of our kinky spaceship.
feat. Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
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Beware, the Cyber Goth Girlz are coming! Resistance is futile! We will assimilate you kinky fantasies!
Feat. Valentina
Photographer: Berserker

Castle Tales 1

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In the summer of this year, I met an illustrious society, that had assembled at Castle Wrodow to enjoy themselves ... and to do one or the other shooting while there. The castle provided a fantastic setting and was a real inspiration ... The lovingly restored rooms, the elegant interior and the flair of the old building, which was first mentioned in 1271, pulled me into its spell, so I decided to stay for a few days. What actually happened during those days, I will tell and show you during the next few weeks - in the following parts of the "Castle Tales" series. Today we start in the Amber Room, where I am expecting my delinquent. I have matched my tight latex outfit with real nylons and ultra high heels. A delicate eye mask gives me a mysterious aura that must be unveiled. Enter and solve the mystery of the Amber Room!
MUA: Christa Durante
Photographer: Wombat

Sinful Decadence 2

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Eye popping colors, sexy glossy pvc Couture, sky high heels and luxurious Wolford stockings unite in a far out erotic scene, dark, surreal! Come on let's play!
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Location: Insomnia Berlin
Photographer: Berserker

Sinful Decadence

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Immerse yourself in a pleasurable fantasy, a frenzy of erotic desires and decadent orgies!
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Location: Insomnia Berlin
Photographer: Berserker
Blue Overknees vs. Blue Sky 0
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Blue sky above me and the sun sparkling on my skin - what a day! Nothing will keep me inside the house. I enjoy the gentle wind and the warmth of the sun's rays on my skin and I feel great. My blue overknee boots were a wonderful sight in the sun as also noticed by hi passersby. I got some admiring gaze and could live my exhibitionist streak to the fullest!
Photographer: Lord KA