Bump & Grind

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A charming atmosphere and a stunning burlesque outfit ... this is not just the stuff dreams are made of, but also final projects of photography students. Ohlala - what a topic! And I always thought studying is a dry subject; o) The photos were photographed with an analog camera, unfortunately only a small series of images were created, but I'm excited about them and don't want to keep them from you.
Photographer: Kerstin Seipt
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I have to say I was a little surprised I when the request for this shoot fluttered in my mailbox ... it was to be a photo book on Berlin - so far so good. But what should be my role in it? Moreover, in latex? Quite simply this book about Berlin, the city and its inhabitants from a very intimate and real perspective .... sometimes with a wink, sometimes sentimental or ironic. You can by "Berliner Luft" in bookstores and as well as on Amazon. It is in English and German and I can promise: the € 16.80 is well spent!Photos by Benjamin Tafel + Denis Ore
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No, this is not my wedding dress ... but I said YES immediately to this gorgeous gown, as I should wear it for the new collection of Lucardis Feist in front of the camera. After I had heard that Uwe Johannsen had been hired as a photographer, it was my perfect day, because I appreciate his work very much. So off I went to shoot in the beautiful Harz Mountains. The location posed quite some challenges to the whole team, for what looks so elegant in the photos was really hard work. The old, vacant building was in a terribly dirty and worn down condition, the temperature was freezing and the assistant who helped us in changing rooms was in an bad mood. But all that could not spoil my day ... to wear these breathtakingly beautiful gowns and the results of the shooting were all worth it!
Hair & Make Up by Angelo Hofmann
Photographer: Uwe Johannsen

Sweet like Candy

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Graceful and charming as a ballerina, I present myself in this gallery-wrapped in a dream of baby-pink satin and black chiffon - in a candy-colored world.
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Wild at Heart

Golden Cage

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Birdy in a golden cage? Memories of 007 in Goldfinger? Special Agent Sinteque is always looking for the shimmer of this unique material. Even if the diamonds are a girl's best friend it is gold that exerts its own fascination. In such a cage, I would move voluntarily.
Corset by TO.mTO
Photographer: Wild at Heart

Apocalyptic Flesh 2

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Here comes the second part of the gallery with the dark corset creations of AMF.
Leather Couture by AMF
Photographer: Berserker

Apocalyptic Flesh 1

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White is the color of innocence? Maybe just until Louis Fleischauer - the designer of AMF gets his hands on this fine piece of white leather . He creates from leather darkly apocalyptic creations that are unique and distinctive each is one of its own ... and especially this corset is one of my favorites.
Leather Couture by AMF
Photographer: Berserker

Lady in red

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Ohlala, spring is coming and makes our heart beat faster! This teasingly red latex dress should have the same effect, putting my curves sexy into scene and give me the attitude of a Femme Fatale. The fun part: the tassels on my breasts and buttocks wiggle and swing with every movement cheekly back and forth. Charming!
Headwear by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Pfauenberg

Castle Tales 4

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I have had this mask already for some time hanging on my apartment wall. I discovered it one day in a shop and immediately had daydreams of wild cats and erotic rites. For my multi-day shoot with all my model friends at Castle Kladow I took it with me and really lived up in my role as mysterious mistress of the castle.
MUA by Christa Durante
Photographer: Birdy Pix

Fetish Glam

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The dark diva all in white? I will only have that from a fashion label such as Absolute Danny. Cool leather with teasing feather applications give some naughty insights. In addition a leather mask ... ideal to remain unrecognized at a swingers party. I must say, it is very unusual for me to pulling on the chains, but I do tend to surprise myself again and again.
Outfit by Absolute Danny
Photographer: Pfauenberg