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Slightly tipsy from the champagne in the sun, we start to explore our little noble penthouse with sea view. The hot tub is just too inviting, so we both slide in full latex gear into the water. The water is very refreshing and tingles between skin and rubber. We treat ourselfs to another glass and cuddle while rubbing our bodies against each other.In search of even more heat, we discover the steam sauna. Hmm, I wonder how it feels like at 55 degrees Celsius with tropical humidity. Very sexy I assure your, but not endurable for long.
Featuring Haydee Sparks
Photographer: Berserker
Fashion Shooting for HW Design 0
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Fashion Shooting for HW Design 4
Last month I made a trip to Vienna to pay Harald and Sandra of HW Design a visit. For many years I have been a fan of the exclusive designs and kinky masks! Even my latex stockings are custom made by HW Design. I was delighted about the invitation to Vienna. We have put the latest latex creations into scene - what a pleasure for me because I could see them before anyone else as well as try out the new designs! If you like one or the other piece, you can buy them in a few days at the HW Design shop! I myself have been so madly in love with the Leo corset - Sponsors welcome! O)
Fashion: HW Design
Photographer: Berserker

Redplosion, part 2

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Redplosion, part 2 4
As a true fetishist I just can't get enough of the material my dreams are made of! So I take it up another notch in the second part of the Redplosion series! To the red latex catsuit and corset I am now adding gloves, gauntlets and mask - all in shiny red. Finally, I switch the high heels against the elegant ballet kinky boots. The perfect rubber doll is finished!
Catsuit & Corset by Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Berserker
Book- Project "Berliner Luft" 0
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I have to say I was a little surprised I when the request for this shoot fluttered in my mailbox ... it was to be a photo book on Berlin - so far so good. But what should be my role in it? Moreover, in latex? Quite simply this book about Berlin, the city and its inhabitants from a very intimate and real perspective .... sometimes with a wink, sometimes sentimental or ironic. You can by "Berliner Luft" in bookstores and as well as on Amazon. It is in English and German and I can promise: the € 16.80 is well spent!Photos by Benjamin Tafel + Denis Ore

Summer Breeze

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Blue sky, sand and sun ... add to that a fancy penthouse and already I'm in holiday mood! Though that was not the sole reason for our trip to the Baltic Sea. Some great new Savage Wear creations were to be photographed. Well, under these conditions you can surely not speak of the work. I slipped in first into the bronze neck holder dress, because I immediately had my eyes on it! Meanwhile, Haydee grabbed a costume also in bronze / black ... how sweet - in matching outfits! The shooting did not remain completely unobserved. Soon, a bunch of onlookers gathered under the terrace - I wonder why? ...
Featuring Haydee SparksPhotographer: Berserker
Naughty Pet 1 0
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Naughty Pet 1 4
I have finally got a new pet. A noble Italian latex kitten. First she gets some food in the kitchen and then a little strict education to make it clear who is charge. Then she gets to play while I take care of my various other pets.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker

Dressed up

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Dressed up 4
I had the great pleasure to present this new creation from the house of HW Design at this year's German Fetish Ball to the enthusiastic audience. The front view is already phenomenal with all the intricate details and the elegant cut. But the back view with its deep cut outs is especially enthralling! As this dress suited me so well, I was assigned directly for the product photos ... you can see the photos here in the gallery and you can order this fabulous gown as of now from HW DESIGN!
Outfit by HW- Design
Photographer: Berserker

Steampunk Impression

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Steampunk Impression 4
Steam Punk! This is an anachronism after my liking. Steam machines as a source of energy, wrapped in a Victorian lifestyle. The whole thing clad in latex and I am one happy girl.
Outfit bySavage Wear
Photographer: Berserker
Kinky Spacedoll Part 2 0
Kinky Spacedoll Part 2 1
Kinky Spacedoll Part 2 2
Kinky Spacedoll Part 2 3
Kinky Spacedoll Part 2 4
I come in peace and bring you Kinky Love. With my plump, shiny Space gun I will drive you earthlings into bizarre outfits and to capricious sex practices. Resistance is futile, as always.
Shoes by Jochen Kronier
Photographer: Berserker
Kinky Spacedoll Part 1 0
Kinky Spacedoll Part 1 1
Kinky Spacedoll Part 1 2
Kinky Spacedoll Part 1 3
Kinky Spacedoll Part 1 4
Meet the Kinky Space Doll. Glossy jetblack, wrapped in latex. Atomic boobs and transparent mask. Rounded off by kinky spaceheels I come from the stars to take over the world. Hmm, would it not be nice if everyone was squeezed to wear latex. I must clearly move ahead with my world domination plans.
Shoes by Jochen Kronier
Photographer: Berserker