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Impossible? This word is unknown to the talented shoe designer Jochen Kronier- he loves the challenge! And this request actually put him in front of new problems, but also unprecedented opportunities. They should be Boots, specifically ultra high ones. So the question was: What height is possible? The simple answer of Kronier was: As high as you want! We agreed on gigantic 50cm and then it went to the molding, assembling materials, measurements, ... After a few weeks the work was done: My ultra high heels boots with exactly 53cm height shone in all their beauty - of course, quite typical for Kronier without heels. I can hardly describe how it feels to stand and walk in them. In any case, you have a whole new perspective on things ... and: I need to get myself a boot slave, because there is a lot of boot to lick!
Corset by Cyberesque
Photographer: Berserker
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It is not new that designers like to be inspired by the Underground. Especially the fetish scene offers a variety of stimuli, which can be seen in modified form again and again on the catwalks of this world. Ranging from latex stockings on extreme high heels to leather armor or masks all sorts of fetish & BDSM imagery can be found. But nobody understands so well to close the gap between Gothic, Fetish and Haute Couture than the rising design duo Degenerotika. I got to know them both at a catwalk show and spontaneous fell in love with the extraordinary creations. In todays update I present to you some of the outfits, stylish put into scene by Uwe Johannsen.
Fashion by Degenerotika
Photographer: Uwe Johannsen

Perfect PinUp

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It's Christmas! And as a gift I have some very special goodies for you Sinteque as a charming pin-up girl! These wonderful little works of art, each of them tells its own story created during a visit to my dear friend Tessa aka Miss Giggles. I am always amazed at how much eroticism can be conveyed in such an comparatively chaste photo. Pure head cinema!
Nylons sponsored by Ars Vivendi

Las Muertas

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Suitable for Halloween I present myself entirely in Las Muertas style. Wow- what a terrific make-up! I love it and can not wait for Halloween to wander around the houses- trick or treat!
Pasties & Hair Flowers by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker

Devil Inside

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Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!
Nipple Pasties by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker

Hair to dare,

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You can't do a transformation wonder like myself a bigger favor than to give me a huge box full of hair pieces with the request to make nice photos of them. I had the pleasure several times before, to model for the creations of HEADRAZOR. The new Cyber ​​hairpieces are just wonderful. I think especially worn to latex outfit they look fantastic, or for an extra kinky nurse outfit ... I love it!
product shooting for Headrazor
Photographer: Berserker

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Bling Bling ... why do I like these pumps? I guess no further comments are needed, who could resist this sparkling temptation?
Pasties & Shoes by Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker
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Some time ago I had the pleasure of modeling for the extraordinary designs of Louis's Fleischauer aka AMF corset. This time, however, the request came from Pierre Leszczyk. His plan: a different interpretation of the outfits. The backdrop for this offered a charming baroque castle. Also for the styling and make-up Pierre had specific ideas: porcelain complexion, no eyebrows, no eye make-up, but dramatic made-up, glossy lips! I am always open for experimentation and styling and like to try things out but in this case I was definitely unsure if this suits me. The end results were fantastic and are so completely beyond any clichés. Enjoy this beautiful new world!
Featuring Ophelia Overdose
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Ready for a little trip? I'll take you into the strange, small world of Torsten Solin, a Berlin artist who is known amongst other things for his special aesthetics and doll-like representations of women. A collaboration had been planned for a long time and finally it worked out. I was allowed to slip into his bright red dollhouse and play with his creatures. The results can be admired here which represent only the raw material for Torsten's work. Often these are oversized paintings on the computer or ghost images. The odds are good that one or the other motive may soon find itself in a book or an exhibition.

Red MegaHeelz

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A lot of bare skin, soft stocking-clad legs and a pair of sweet pasties preferably in fiery red, that makes a cocktail that obscures many a man's senses. Real high heels fetishists however, will fall for the red pumps with a proud 32cm heels. Admittedly they are anything else but wearable, and even completely impractical, but who cares at this sight?
Photographer: Berserker