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Oops - what happend here? As often we both first wanted to put on the black and then the red high-heels - finally we settled on a compromise: Each will get a black an a red one! A fun idea I think ... just don't get confused.
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Joanne really is a real decadent little minx - with her elegant stockings and sexy high heels she can make anyone lose his mind. Who can resist?
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

fetish doll

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Munich is always an inspiration to me. On the Roofs of the city you always have a great view. I had fun in the hot bavarian sunset with Chiara, my little toy for the evening.
Photographer: Claus Troendle


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As you may have noticed I am quite creative with my hair styles. I love to style up my hair according to my mood and outfit. Unfortunately it is hard to find good hairpieces and I am happy that I have discovered Headrazor. Since they also reside in Berlin I took the chance to photograph their new collection.
Shooting for HEADRAZOR
Photographer: Berserker

Sinteque as herself

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Andreas who has photographed a lot of moviestars ( Robert DeNiro etc. ) has the gift to catch his models in a unaware situation.
This shooting became really adventurous when security-guards chased us with german shepard dogs. As you can see I regulary put my life on the line to bring you new sexy pictures ;)

photographer : Andreas Neubauer

fetish factory

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Industrial and glamour? factory and fetish? In my eyes the desolate allure of the old factory combines with the decadence of the fetish-diva.
photographer: Holger Wendt
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The fairytale a little different. Nicole seems so innocents with her blonde hair and her white lingerie. No wonder that I just can't resist to seduce her and introduce her to the erotic aspects of Grimms fairtales.
photographer: Markus Richter
Featuring Nicole

Red Room

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Here Sinteque presents herself as a modern pinup in a fifties bodice and real seamed nylonstockings that are a real treat to every fetishist. Enjoy the the decadent atmosphere.
But what's that? A rat with a feisty grin has snuck itself into the red room! Eeeek! What a disgusting creature!

Photos by Berserker


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Boredom at the office? Then close you eyes! What do you see?
The sexy secretary in a tight shiny fetish suit - with breathtaking heels and gossamer nylons. The room is filled entirely by her feminine and dominant aura. Look out! She will will take what she want's when she want's it.

photographer: Berserker


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After the sunflower-shoot I was still so fired up that I added another small session.
Just Sinteque caught eating chocolate ( one of my favorite sins ;)
Photographer: Berserker