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I don't know what it is but transparent and semitransparent fetishclothing is especially fascinating to me.
First I put on the well-lubed latex-stockings that fit snug to my legs an feet as a second skin. Then the transparent boots. The wet black latex can be seen pressing against the transparent plastic. Mhhhh ....
Photographer: Berserker

Dangerous Heels I

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This session is for the highheel and nylon-lovers amongst you. I just can't decide if I like the feeling of nylon or rubber more on my pretty little feet.
Just watch out so you won't get under the heels ... ;)
photographer : Berserker
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Here you can see me with Joanne Lafontaine. She is a dear friend of mine - as dominant as me and as much in love with the feeling of real nylons on skin as me. Watch two divas living out their nylon-fantasies.
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine
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It's getting hot now! What happens when two sexy luxury-girls meet? You will see!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine


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Oops - what happend here? As often we both first wanted to put on the black and then the red high-heels - finally we settled on a compromise: Each will get a black an a red one! A fun idea I think ... just don't get confused.
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine
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Joanne really is a real decadent little minx - with her elegant stockings and sexy high heels she can make anyone lose his mind. Who can resist?
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

fetish doll

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Munich is always an inspiration to me. On the Roofs of the city you always have a great view. I had fun in the hot bavarian sunset with Chiara, my little toy for the evening.
Photographer: Claus Troendle


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As you may have noticed I am quite creative with my hair styles. I love to style up my hair according to my mood and outfit. Unfortunately it is hard to find good hairpieces and I am happy that I have discovered Headrazor. Since they also reside in Berlin I took the chance to photograph their new collection.
Shooting for HEADRAZOR
Photographer: Berserker

Sinteque as herself

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Andreas who has photographed a lot of moviestars ( Robert DeNiro etc. ) has the gift to catch his models in a unaware situation.
This shooting became really adventurous when security-guards chased us with german shepard dogs. As you can see I regulary put my life on the line to bring you new sexy pictures ;)

photographer : Andreas Neubauer

fetish factory

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Industrial and glamour? factory and fetish? In my eyes the desolate allure of the old factory combines with the decadence of the fetish-diva.
photographer: Holger Wendt