Sweet Grapes

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These pictures came from a spontaneous idea. While walking through the vineyards I discovered a small hut and was fascinated!This time Sinteque comes along a a sweet girly - with ribbons in her hair, corset and sexy stockings - just irresitable and oh soo innocent ;)It was a great late-summer afternoon and the ripe grapes tasted sweet. I almost got caught while tasting because a farmer came by ... but he was so distracted by my appearance that he did not notice I hid some grapes behind my back :) Lucky me!
Photographer: Berserker

Kinky Blue World

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Blue is one of my favorite colors. It is so cool and distant. I just love how the color reflects on my black latex. But in black-and-white the contrast between black rubber and my skin comes out really well.
This session was shot by Teichmann - a photographer from the area. I think it turned out real nice.

Lingerie Seduction

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Lingerie Seduction 4
Here you can see me in seductive lingerie, nylons and high-heels! By the way the blonde angel next to me is Nicole Baumann - a real sweet an innocent thing! She gave a good contrast to me and that is really special in these pictures I think.
Photographer: Maerzinger

Cool Chrome

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Cool Chrome 4
There is new stuff from Stahlwolf in this gallery. Felidae and Snake the heads of Stahlwolf are longtime friends of mine. A new photosession has been overdue and so we met a couple of weeks ago for a photoshoting. They brought Xenormorph as a male counterpart and I have to say that he turned out useful;) A small but fine gallery in my opinion - they both are perfectionists.

Get your medicine!

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Get your medicine! 4
Did you take you medicine? Nurse Sinteque has excactly the right thing for naughty boys and girls. The nightshift is long and I have always loved white hospital walls.
Photographer: Berserker

Pink Summer Fun

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Pink Summer Fun 4
Hey you guys it's summer !!! Time for me to put on some hot latex-outfits and cool down in the pool. I will have myself a gin-tonic, some toys and the day will be perfect ...
Photographer: Berserker
Black Latex Stockings 0
Black Latex Stockings 1
Black Latex Stockings 2
Black Latex Stockings 3
Black Latex Stockings 4
I don't know what it is but transparent and semitransparent fetishclothing is especially fascinating to me.
First I put on the well-lubed latex-stockings that fit snug to my legs an feet as a second skin. Then the transparent boots. The wet black latex can be seen pressing against the transparent plastic. Mhhhh ....
Photographer: Berserker

Dangerous Heels I

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Dangerous Heels I 4
This session is for the highheel and nylon-lovers amongst you. I just can't decide if I like the feeling of nylon or rubber more on my pretty little feet.
Just watch out so you won't get under the heels ... ;)
photographer : Berserker
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Nylon Beauties 2
Nylon Beauties 3
Nylon Beauties 4
Here you can see me with Joanne Lafontaine. She is a dear friend of mine - as dominant as me and as much in love with the feeling of real nylons on skin as me. Watch two divas living out their nylon-fantasies.
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine
decadent girls part II 0
decadent girls part II 1
decadent girls part II 2
decadent girls part II 3
decadent girls part II 4
It's getting hot now! What happens when two sexy luxury-girls meet? You will see!
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine