Double Dominatrix Power 0
Double Dominatrix Power 1
Double Dominatrix Power 2
Double Dominatrix Power 3
Double Dominatrix Power 4
When one of my dominant girlfriends comes by for a visit there is always a steamy atmosphere. We talk about the real important things in life such as the proper way to keep slaves and new fetish-outfits.
With all this girl-power in one room tensions come up from time to time. But then we always make up to each other. After all we both enjoy to touch the latex-clad bodies of each other.
Featuring Shinyaline
Photographer: Berserker

Future Amazon

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Future Amazon 0
Future Amazon 1
Future Amazon 2
Future Amazon 3
Future Amazon 4
In the not all to distant future women have the saying - and rightful in my opinion! They can't be stopped - intelligent, warriorlike and icecold they overcome every obstacle. If they can't beat you with their weapons they will user their sex-appeal that every man just has to submit to.
Photographer: Berserker
Nylons & High Heels 0
Nylons & High Heels 1
Nylons & High Heels 2
Nylons & High Heels 3
Nylons & High Heels 4
Here are some really fetishistic pictures that have my divine legs and feet as subject. I know that not just a few of you have an affinity for them. For me personally there is no better symbol for feminine erotica and dominance than high-heels and nylons.
The perspective is also one that slaves have around me ;). Everything in a cool, tiled hospital-look ... perfect.
Photographer: Berserker
Nylon-Cats 0
Nylon-Cats 1
Nylon-Cats 2
Nylon-Cats 3
Nylon-Cats 4
Cats love to loll on luxurious sofas. If they feel really well the start to purr and stroke each other. This is especially fun involving sexy nylons and pantyhose. Good thing I found an accomplice in Joanne ;)
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

Sweet Grapes

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Sweet Grapes 0
Sweet Grapes 1
Sweet Grapes 2
Sweet Grapes 3
Sweet Grapes 4
These pictures came from a spontaneous idea. While walking through the vineyards I discovered a small hut and was fascinated!This time Sinteque comes along a a sweet girly - with ribbons in her hair, corset and sexy stockings - just irresitable and oh soo innocent ;)It was a great late-summer afternoon and the ripe grapes tasted sweet. I almost got caught while tasting because a farmer came by ... but he was so distracted by my appearance that he did not notice I hid some grapes behind my back :) Lucky me!
Photographer: Berserker

Kinky Blue World

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Kinky Blue World 0
Kinky Blue World 1
Kinky Blue World 2
Kinky Blue World 3
Kinky Blue World 4
Blue is one of my favorite colors. It is so cool and distant. I just love how the color reflects on my black latex. But in black-and-white the contrast between black rubber and my skin comes out really well.
This session was shot by Teichmann - a photographer from the area. I think it turned out real nice.

Lingerie Seduction

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Lingerie Seduction 0
Lingerie Seduction 1
Lingerie Seduction 2
Lingerie Seduction 3
Lingerie Seduction 4
Here you can see me in seductive lingerie, nylons and high-heels! By the way the blonde angel next to me is Nicole Baumann - a real sweet an innocent thing! She gave a good contrast to me and that is really special in these pictures I think.
Photographer: Maerzinger

Cool Chrome

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Cool Chrome 0
Cool Chrome 1
Cool Chrome 2
Cool Chrome 3
Cool Chrome 4
There is new stuff from Stahlwolf in this gallery. Felidae and Snake the heads of Stahlwolf are longtime friends of mine. A new photosession has been overdue and so we met a couple of weeks ago for a photoshoting. They brought Xenormorph as a male counterpart and I have to say that he turned out useful;) A small but fine gallery in my opinion - they both are perfectionists.

Get your medicine!

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Get your medicine! 0
Get your medicine! 1
Get your medicine! 2
Get your medicine! 3
Get your medicine! 4
Did you take you medicine? Nurse Sinteque has excactly the right thing for naughty boys and girls. The nightshift is long and I have always loved white hospital walls.
Photographer: Berserker

Pink Summer Fun

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Pink Summer Fun 0
Pink Summer Fun 1
Pink Summer Fun 2
Pink Summer Fun 3
Pink Summer Fun 4
Hey you guys it's summer !!! Time for me to put on some hot latex-outfits and cool down in the pool. I will have myself a gin-tonic, some toys and the day will be perfect ...
Photographer: Berserker