X-mas Special

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I guess I am just that impatient. I already had to open some of the presents. A lot of sexy corsets ... but that can't be all? Just wait until I get my fingers on that little santa claus ... grrr

god cop / bad cop

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Just look at that girly - comes along feisty, dangling her puppet by its hair and doesn't even have any respect! That is not acceptable to me. All the little one needs is a good spanking.
On the other hand - she does look sweet with her teasingly pink dress and the thin pink stockings ;)
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

Shiny Black Latex

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In all my love for newer colorful latex-clothing there is nothing above completely black latex. Rubbed with silicone-oil it almost glistens like metal and complements my body like no other clothing can. Almost alien-like my body shines in the cold white ambience. A wonderful contrast.
Photographer: Claus Troendle

Baroque Part II

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Here you can see the second part of the baroque-series on castle Solitude with the pictures that Thomas Limberg took. His perspective is a little different since he took the photographs from further away and not straight in front of me.
But see for yourself ... have a lot of fun on this journey through time!

Baroque Part I

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Welcome to the first part of my journey to the baroque age. On one of the last warm autumn-days I met with Sabine Schoenberger and Thomas Limberg on castle Solitude where we took some fairytale pictures.
The castle was built in the 18. century for the sole purpose to celebrate extravagant feasts in a fitting surrounding as the nobility used to do in those times. Soon the castle became famous for the profligated orgys that were celebrated there - even the infamous Casanova romanticized about them!
Several vistors that strolled around the castle and the park could not believe the sight they were seeing as we held our photo-orgy on the inside - it was very amusing!
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When one of my dominant girlfriends comes by for a visit there is always a steamy atmosphere. We talk about the real important things in life such as the proper way to keep slaves and new fetish-outfits.
With all this girl-power in one room tensions come up from time to time. But then we always make up to each other. After all we both enjoy to touch the latex-clad bodies of each other.
Featuring Shinyaline
Photographer: Berserker

Future Amazon

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In the not all to distant future women have the saying - and rightful in my opinion! They can't be stopped - intelligent, warriorlike and icecold they overcome every obstacle. If they can't beat you with their weapons they will user their sex-appeal that every man just has to submit to.
Photographer: Berserker
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Here are some really fetishistic pictures that have my divine legs and feet as subject. I know that not just a few of you have an affinity for them. For me personally there is no better symbol for feminine erotica and dominance than high-heels and nylons.
The perspective is also one that slaves have around me ;). Everything in a cool, tiled hospital-look ... perfect.
Photographer: Berserker
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Cats love to loll on luxurious sofas. If they feel really well the start to purr and stroke each other. This is especially fun involving sexy nylons and pantyhose. Good thing I found an accomplice in Joanne ;)
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

Sweet Grapes

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These pictures came from a spontaneous idea. While walking through the vineyards I discovered a small hut and was fascinated!This time Sinteque comes along a a sweet girly - with ribbons in her hair, corset and sexy stockings - just irresitable and oh soo innocent ;)It was a great late-summer afternoon and the ripe grapes tasted sweet. I almost got caught while tasting because a farmer came by ... but he was so distracted by my appearance that he did not notice I hid some grapes behind my back :) Lucky me!
Photographer: Berserker