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As a special service I do a medical checkup on my girl-friends from time to time. Of course that is just an excuse to touch their sexy bodies. This time it was Joanne's turn and it didn't take long that she feistily turned on me.
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine

corset beauty I

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It doesn't always have to be pvc-, leather- and latexclothing. Elegant corsets and satin are timeless in their erotic appeal. That which was loved in the 18th century is delightuful nowadays as well, is it not?
Apart from that Jürgen knew that Sinteque is kept happy with sweet candy.
Photos by Jürgen Wegner


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Finally Christmas and time for presents! I love to be given kinky things and as you can see the anticipation was well worth it ...what a sweet puppet! And you can never have enough socks ;)
Photos by Berserker


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Let yourself be taken to a wonderful world of farytales and myths! Discover graceful beeings, erotic secrets and scenes that seem to come from a dream.
Featuring Denise
Photographer: Sabine Schönberger
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Now you can see what happened to that crook that tried to sneak into my house. Whining he lay at my feet and begged for mercy but would not go unpunished! With quick hands I tied him up until he could not move anymore. Soon he hung almost unconcious in the ropes! He would never forget this day ...


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You already saw what happens when two dominant girls such as Shinyaline and me confront each other in the first session. When the dungeon-activities started to bore us we just left the slaves hanging and played the game of kings ( or better of queens ;-) ).
And again the mood started to boil. Who started it I cannot tell but it was clear that neither of us would back down one heel-wide.
The opportunity to take a well deserved bath on this hot summer day cooled our tempers so that we soon could enjoy our latex-clad bodies.
Featuring Shinyaline
Photographer: Berserker
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Well, this is the story of sinteque the warrior-princess and the ninja.
While sitting in my temple and contemplating on my past battles he crept up on me. Moving and pulling his weapons silently I heard him anyway. In a blink of an eye I drew and whirled around. He was good but not good enough. I fought him to the ground and will have my way with him.
To be continued ...


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In autumn of this year I met Roman Kasperski, one of the most famous fetish photographers, for a shooting. I don't want to withhold the results of this cooperation any longer! For one thing you will see me as a sexy officer in a skintight, shiny latex-uniform und for the other in hot lingerie, high-heels and nylons. There should not be any whishes open ...
Photographer: Roman Kasperski

X-mas Special

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I guess I am just that impatient. I already had to open some of the presents. A lot of sexy corsets ... but that can't be all? Just wait until I get my fingers on that little santa claus ... grrr

god cop / bad cop

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Just look at that girly - comes along feisty, dangling her puppet by its hair and doesn't even have any respect! That is not acceptable to me. All the little one needs is a good spanking.
On the other hand - she does look sweet with her teasingly pink dress and the thin pink stockings ;)
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine