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The world-famous photographer Sylvie Blum who is former model and muse to Guenther Blum has a unique style of photography. Her portraits and nudes are famous. She is always tingling back and fourth between her shooting-locations in Berlin, Viennna, Miami and Paris.
It was a nice experience to shoot with her. I could let myself go with her and she understood how to bring out my personality while still giving the pictures her characteristic signature.
Fashion by Tolllkirsche, TG Cloting & Savage Wear


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This shooting took place when Magentabee came to visit me. She is absolutely sweet and really inspired me with her innocent ways. We had a lot of fun together looking through pin-up magazines and talking about clothing and boys ... ;)
Featuring Magentabee
Photos by Berserker


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Welcome to Sinteque's empire!
Kneel down and pray for salvation from lewd thoughts ... ;)

Rubber Feelings

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This is pure rubber for all you latex-fans. Over that some genuine nylons. Just kinky!
Rubber lets me live out my passions overall ... . And after the session I wash my latexclothing personally under the shower ;).
Photos by Berserker

corset beauty II

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Here I put my blue corset on display in a classical attire. A little of a fairy tale or strict with a whip. There is propably no other piece of clothing that complements the female body more than the corset. It has to be pulled really tight. At first it was not easy to breathe in these strict ties but in the meantime I can wear them for hours and I love the feeling.
Photos by Jürgen Wegner


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Here a some very special pictures of me. I have already introduced Herr Buchta the photographer in my artist gallery. In the meantime I had the oportunity to work with this fantastic artist. I am anxious to know if you like the results!


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Here you can see a couple of crazy fetish-ideas that I realized with Claus Troendle. We had a lot of fun on the set. I could live out my rockstardom and be a samurai. Ah yes, and play with my favorite toys : shoes, shoes, shoes ...


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From the underground to the surface: A one-girl fetish-commando.
Washing some clothes after the mission and taking a well-deserved bath after a long night.
Photos by Calvato


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Underground-fetish? Fetish in the underground?
At night when the subway pumps partypeople though the arteries of the city secret whishes, passions and longings manifest themselves. Between concrete, neonlight and cold steel I enjoy this special atmosphere and suck it up. At this time of the day only the ever-searching are around anyway ...
Photos by Calvato
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As a special service I do a medical checkup on my girl-friends from time to time. Of course that is just an excuse to touch their sexy bodies. This time it was Joanne's turn and it didn't take long that she feistily turned on me.
Featuring Joanne Lafontaine