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Headrazor 4
Here is something for the hair-fetishists ;). As you have propably already guessed I have a faible for wigs to bring out different aspects of my personality. It is fun to experiment continuously and change my style. To keep my victims guessing ...
Photographer: Berserker


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Tank-Girl 1
Tank-Girl 2
Tank-Girl 3
Tank-Girl 4
Hey, did I mention that I am a menace to society? That I like inflammable liquids and guns? No?
Well, see for yourself ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta

Red Corset

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Red Corset 1
Red Corset 2
Red Corset 3
Red Corset 4
Red ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta

Hamburg at Night

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Hamburg at Night 4
On my last Hamburg-trip I wasn't just away during the daytime of course as Hamburg really comes to life during the night. In the harbour area under the street lantern I went looking for the traces of Lily Marleen.
Photographer: Jörg Böh


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These pictures were taken on a photography workshop. I like to support ambitious photographers develop and hone their skills and creativity.
Photographer: Bernhard Kirchhoff

Polka Dots

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Polka Dots 4
I am aquainted with two young and crazy female clothing designers that work under the name of "Tolllkirsche". When they asked me to put some of their creations into scene I could not refuse of course.I like the American Pettycoat / Gothic Lolita Style. Especially as they use uncommon materials such as pvc.
Photographer: Berserker

Erotic Art Museum 2

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Erotic Art Museum 2 1
Erotic Art Museum 2 2
Erotic Art Museum 2 3
Erotic Art Museum 2 4
Here the second part of my stay at the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg.
More erotic art so to say ... ;)


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She-Wolf 1
She-Wolf 2
She-Wolf 3
She-Wolf 4
The military stile becomes me, no?
And I do take prisoners ... ;)
Photographer: Berserker

Babes with Guns

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Babes with Guns 1
Babes with Guns 2
Babes with Guns 3
Babes with Guns 4

Klaus Fuchs has the perfect mansion. Very retro and very stylish. And it is full of toys. The perfect thing to spend an afternoon lounging in nylons and playing ...

Photographer: Klaus Fuchs


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Glam-Light 4

These pictures are from am shoot with Tom Cooper. He is a very professional photographer with a distinct style. His way of using lighting and backdrops to put the model into scene is his trademark.
Photos by Tom Cooper