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Rubber-Playtime 1
Rubber-Playtime 2
Rubber-Playtime 3
Rubber-Playtime 4
Well-behaved slaves are hard to find nowadays. It is matter of constant education and discipline to earn the respect that I demand.
It is tough job but somebody has to do it ... ;-)

Fetish Ferry

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Fetish Ferry 1
Fetish Ferry 2
Fetish Ferry 3
Fetish Ferry 4
As mentioned before in my diary I had several shootings in the Colour Fantasy Ferry on the way to Norway. Her now the fitting pictures to this occasion. It was a special feeling to roam around in between the chrome and glass of the different bars and lounges in the midst of the stormy North Sea. Definitely not for those with a weak stomache ... ;)


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Space-Babe 0
Space-Babe 1
Space-Babe 2
Space-Babe 3
Space-Babe 4
Here are some visual experiments by photographer Stefan Gesell. I especially like the space style in my "protective" rubber-catsuit.


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Headrazor 1
Headrazor 2
Headrazor 3
Headrazor 4
Here is something for the hair-fetishists ;). As you have propably already guessed I have a faible for wigs to bring out different aspects of my personality. It is fun to experiment continuously and change my style. To keep my victims guessing ...
Photographer: Berserker


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Tank-Girl 1
Tank-Girl 2
Tank-Girl 3
Tank-Girl 4
Hey, did I mention that I am a menace to society? That I like inflammable liquids and guns? No?
Well, see for yourself ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta

Red Corset

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Red Corset 1
Red Corset 2
Red Corset 3
Red Corset 4
Red ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta

Hamburg at Night

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Hamburg at Night 1
Hamburg at Night 2
Hamburg at Night 3
Hamburg at Night 4
On my last Hamburg-trip I wasn't just away during the daytime of course as Hamburg really comes to life during the night. In the harbour area under the street lantern I went looking for the traces of Lily Marleen.
Photographer: Jörg Böh


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Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
These pictures were taken on a photography workshop. I like to support ambitious photographers develop and hone their skills and creativity.
Photographer: Bernhard Kirchhoff

Polka Dots

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Polka Dots 1
Polka Dots 2
Polka Dots 3
Polka Dots 4
I am aquainted with two young and crazy female clothing designers that work under the name of "Tolllkirsche". When they asked me to put some of their creations into scene I could not refuse of course.I like the American Pettycoat / Gothic Lolita Style. Especially as they use uncommon materials such as pvc.
Photographer: Berserker

Erotic Art Museum 2

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Erotic Art Museum 2 1
Erotic Art Museum 2 2
Erotic Art Museum 2 3
Erotic Art Museum 2 4
Here the second part of my stay at the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg.
More erotic art so to say ... ;)