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In the sequel to the rubber session the heavy rubber mask for Valentina was not sufficient anymore. I unlaced the neck corset slowly and joyfully and led her to believe that I would free her. She looked at me grateful that she could breathe freely again but I had other things in store for her. I had saved strict latex punishment mask.
Quickly I grabbed her and pulled the mask made of red latex over her head. As she waved about with her arms disoriented I pulled the lacing tight. The mask has merely eye holes with small perforations so that her sight was limited. That made it easy for me to apply the second part of the mask. A black latex face with a worked inner gag is strapped to the mask. Encased like this just a distant moaning can be heard from her. The face itself remained motionless and did not show anything of the latex torture beneath.
Soon she tried to escape but I grabbed her arms and held her tight to enjoy the helpless quivering. Actually I don't want to free her at all considering the perfect sight of her. I will probably keep her like this for the night or even longer ... hmmm
Hoods by Rubbers Finest
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker

good & evil 3

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You may remember the first two parts of the "good & evil" series ... Finally I had the possibility to finish the series. This time I will show you my dark side. I will take you on a trip in a bizarre world - so alien and disturbing yet seductive. Shiny black latex glistens in the darkness and lets you perish ... staggering 25cm high heels leave you breathless.
Mask by Tolllkirsche
Photographer: Berserker

Fabulous Kink

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Black marble sets the fitting ambiance for this fetish shooting. In a bizarre, transparent latex outfit I loll around in the shower. I feel warm water trickling down my body yet it does not touch me. I balance lustfully on my ballerina shoes and let myself slide down the shower wall. The cold stone and the hot water makes for an arousing combination ...
Photographer: Hans Goessing
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Did I mention that i just love fully rubbered slaves? The are like shining puppets with whom you can do everything. Absolutely anonymous and dehumanized I can tie them up an gag them. I deprive them of their senses and stick tubes into their latex clad bodies while they struggle helplessly back and forth. Especially amusing to me is when they submit themselves full of lust and then regret it but cannot flee anymore. In a bizarre latex catsuit I can act even more down-and-dirty and when Valentina supports me in this it is even more fun.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker

Femme Fatale

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Femme Fatale 4
Fetish-Evolution ... when I am going to a fetish weekend then I am really ready to party and that starts in the hotel room and ends after the rough night there again in the early hours of dawn. These rooms have an intriguing anonymity about them and surely have seen a few hot nights. Who needs rest here when you can plunder the mini-bar with you fetish girl-friends and party on unrestrained until the room neighbors start pounding on the walls. At least I have never been thrown out of a hotel yet ... ;)
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Photographer: Berserker

Lady in Red

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When I am looking for solitude I am often drawn to closed down factories. To wander through the symbols of industrial rise and fall enables me to linger in my own thoughts. New creative energies arise and I continue to hone my plan for world domination ...
Outfit by Bodycult
Photographer: Dennis Stratmann

Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angel 2
Fallen Angel 3
Fallen Angel 4
Here you can see me from my rather innocent side. On the other hand as a fallen angel it is unequally more exciting in in hell ...
Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Rough-Girl 2

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Rough-Girl 2 4
The second part of my night-club action in leather ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta


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Today you get to see me during my citytrip to Berlin. I had already travelled to Berlin some days before the German Fetish Ball to take advantage of the city and do one or two shootings. Zarya and me had taken the opportunity of a nice afternoon to shoot these pictures. Even though my appearance was quite decent we soon attracted a lot of attention and a lot of people stood by to watch us. It was probably a quite amusing scene as Zarya was crawling in front of me and rolling around on the ground. The corset had been borrowed from TomTo by the way.
Photographer: Zarya Eleva

Venus in Furs

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Venus in Furs 4
Greet your diva, fall to your knees, look up and compliment the perfection! Like a dream born in another time I descend down to you - covered in finest leather and furs, in nylons and breathtaking high heels.
Photographer: Bevis Nickel