Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angel 1
Fallen Angel 2
Fallen Angel 3
Fallen Angel 4
Here you can see me from my rather innocent side. On the other hand as a fallen angel it is unequally more exciting in in hell ...
Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Rough-Girl 2

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Rough-Girl 2 1
Rough-Girl 2 2
Rough-Girl 2 3
Rough-Girl 2 4
The second part of my night-club action in leather ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta


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Today you get to see me during my citytrip to Berlin. I had already travelled to Berlin some days before the German Fetish Ball to take advantage of the city and do one or two shootings. Zarya and me had taken the opportunity of a nice afternoon to shoot these pictures. Even though my appearance was quite decent we soon attracted a lot of attention and a lot of people stood by to watch us. It was probably a quite amusing scene as Zarya was crawling in front of me and rolling around on the ground. The corset had been borrowed from TomTo by the way.
Photographer: Zarya Eleva

Venus in Furs

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Venus in Furs 1
Venus in Furs 2
Venus in Furs 3
Venus in Furs 4
Greet your diva, fall to your knees, look up and compliment the perfection! Like a dream born in another time I descend down to you - covered in finest leather and furs, in nylons and breathtaking high heels.
Photographer: Bevis Nickel

XtraX Fashion

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XtraX Fashion 4
Gothic fashion has changed alot in the past couple of years. When there was just an uniform look of witch dresses in the beginning you now have a lot of crossovers with other styles. Whereas the gothic style has already been influencing the mainstream for some time ( take movies like Matrix for example ).
I like the gothic lolita and rockabilly styles escpecially. Sweet, innocent and dangerous. Here are some photos of the current XtraX catalogue.
I am already quite tall but with these monsterboots a can really tower above everybody around me ...

Twilight Zone

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Twilight Zone 1
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Twilight Zone 4
Carmelo ist one of my favorite photographers at the moment. He has a special way of working with light. In this series incandescent light from the side was used to give this scene more atmosphere and to create nice relections on my strict body.
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta

Shiny Doll

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Shiny Doll 0
Shiny Doll 1
Shiny Doll 2
Shiny Doll 3
Shiny Doll 4
Strict trainer with a bullwhip? Yet I am wild creature myself ...
Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann


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Rubber-Playtime 1
Rubber-Playtime 2
Rubber-Playtime 3
Rubber-Playtime 4
Well-behaved slaves are hard to find nowadays. It is matter of constant education and discipline to earn the respect that I demand.
It is tough job but somebody has to do it ... ;-)

Fetish Ferry

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Fetish Ferry 1
Fetish Ferry 2
Fetish Ferry 3
Fetish Ferry 4
As mentioned before in my diary I had several shootings in the Colour Fantasy Ferry on the way to Norway. Her now the fitting pictures to this occasion. It was a special feeling to roam around in between the chrome and glass of the different bars and lounges in the midst of the stormy North Sea. Definitely not for those with a weak stomache ... ;)


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Space-Babe 1
Space-Babe 2
Space-Babe 3
Space-Babe 4
Here are some visual experiments by photographer Stefan Gesell. I especially like the space style in my "protective" rubber-catsuit.