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In the summer of this year, I met an illustrious society, that had assembled at Castle Wrodow to enjoy themselves ... and to do one or the other shooting while there. The castle provided a fantastic setting and was a real inspiration ... The lovingly restored rooms, the elegant interior and the flair of the old building, which was first mentioned in 1271, pulled me into its spell, so I decided to stay for a few days. What actually happened during those days, I will tell and show you during the next few weeks - in the following parts of the "Castle Tales" series. Today we start in the Amber Room, where I am expecting my delinquent. I have matched my tight latex outfit with real nylons and ultra high heels. A delicate eye mask gives me a mysterious aura that must be unveiled. Enter and solve the mystery of the Amber Room!
MUA: Christa Durante
Photographer: Wombat